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Angel’s Tale by hyde

“you drove the sinner from me
and shone with such glory
touching me softly
my breath torn away”

After Evergreen, the next track in Roentgen’s story is Angel’s Tale. Sad and melancholy lullaby that totally envelopes your whole being. It’s really amazing to hear a J-Rock singer to be able to compose and sing something so slow and so heartfelt like this.

To me, that makes him special and different from his L’arc~en~cial members and most rock stars. I wonder he was partially influenced by Robert Smith (The Cure). His first solo album Roentgen show that deep and poetic side of him…….

Tracks: (words and songs by Hyde)

  1. “Angel’s Tale”
  2. “Angel’s Tale” (English Ensemble)

Listen to Angel’s Tale (Japanese version)

Lyrics (romanized)

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Drink it down and Dune

Long live L’arc~en~ciel? 😉 Ahhhh…vampy, immortality. I wonder whether they suffer some sort of mid-life crisis, hehe.. but seriously, it’s still a good song 🙂 Had so much fun watching the video. The remake of their older song into punk version is awesome. But after listening to DUNE 1993 from their very first album, I actually prefer the 1993 version better.

Also like the Vocals Only made by davil666angel! 🙂

1. Drink It Down
2. Dune 2008
3. Drink It Down (Hydeless Ver.)
4. Dune 2008 (Tetsu P’unkless Ver.)

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Evergreen by Hyde

The shape of a coffin CD case. That’s so unique, amazingly creative and out of this world. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luck to get it for my own collections. 😦 Although it’s an old song released back in 2001, I felt the need to blog it, to stamp the sugoiness of Hyde’s first solo during the hiatus of his band L’arc~en~ciel..

I would never get tired listening to it especially the original Japanese version. The English ensemble is just OK but the rock version that was released in 2005 kinda destroy the soul of the original version.

Tracks: (words and songs by Hyde)

  1. “Evergreen”
  2. “Evergreen” (English Ensemble)

Listen to Evergreen (Japanese version)

Listen to Evergreen (English Ensemble)

Watch its Video

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