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Zettai Kareshi Returns SP [Spoilers]

I just finished watching Zettai Kareshi ~Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot. I realised how much I’ve missed the drama and I cried again. I can’t say I was too disappointed with the ending, just that Nighto died for the second time is rather too much and just too sad for me. *sniff sniff* “Why am I a robot? ” his words pierced through my heart. Despite its sad ending, this special is still sugoi to me personally unlike most drama specials that has wayy too many flashbacks. Zettai Kareshi flashback is just nice and necessary. Plus, Hayami Mokomichi rocks! He played Nighto to the perfection…

Some of my favourite and also sad moments…

Cute airport scene,
Riiko still call Soushi as “manager” even though they already engaged..

Soushi : Can we talk casually? I am not a manager anymore..
Riiko : Yeah, but I have no idea how to address you Continue reading


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Rough (Hayami & Masami)

“All great art begins with a rough sketch.”

Eureka!! I found the movie I’ve been looking for a long time! Rough… starring hawt Hayami (or Moco) and really young Masami, really young cos her boobs are not as big as now. :S Anyway,  do watch Rough online over Continue reading


Zettai Kareshi episode 10 + NG Scene

and the clover that Nighto has been holding
in his hand falls away…

Sigh… I’m all choked up. My heart bleeds for Nighto… roboto or not, realistico or not, I want a happy ending for Nighto!!!! and I want Riiko Continue reading


Zettai Kareshi (POLL) – Who do you want Riiko to be with?

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Zettai Kareshi episode 8

The love that exists outside Nighto’s programming, Riiko is just starting to react to it” – Namkiri

Watch here or Download the torrent here

I like this episode alot for few reasons. One of the reason is that I get to see HYD F4 Akira as Roboto 02. Seem like he is always a guest-star or co-star ne? This guy can really act but I wonder why he’s not getting any juicier roles like his other HYD F4 actors.

Anyways, I’m so delighted that Riiko has finally showing some feelings Continue reading

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Zettai Kareshi – Riiko still not in love with Nighto

POLL – Who do you want Riiko to be with? Click HERE

Riiko still not in love with Nighto like she was in the manga and methinks the drama version is just being true and realistic. Yeah, Hayami is really hot (I can’t take my eyes off him too 😛 ) but seriously being a gal or a woman or putting yourself in Riiko shoes, would you just fall in love with someone like Nighto overnightimmediately…. at first sight? (well maybe lust at first sight 😛 though)

Let’s look at these situations or circumstances..

1) Would you fall for someone who MERELY says sweet touching lovely things that you want to hear and knowing the fact that what he says or do is ACTUALLY NOT genuine? Summore you PAY him to do and say those things. Sigh! Kinda like paying for good-looking male escort? or perhaps we would fall in love with this type of guy.. cos Love is Blind sometimes ???.. hmmm..

2) Secondly, Continue reading


Zettai Kareshi – Episode 3

Reasons to heart Zettai Kareshi…

Oh no! Aunty also hamsap!

This is soooo yucky! She even sucks her drools back in?! Ewww!

All because of hawt hawt hawt Hayami!!
and he is right. Do not try this at home or even anywhere.
No droolings and peeping 😛

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