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Evergreen by Hyde

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The shape of a coffin CD case. That’s so unique, amazingly creative and out of this world. Unfortunately, I don’t have the luck to get it for my own collections. 😦 Although it’s an old song released back in 2001, I felt the need to blog it, to stamp the sugoiness of Hyde’s first solo during the hiatus of his band L’arc~en~ciel..

I would never get tired listening to it especially the original Japanese version. The English ensemble is just OK but the rock version that was released in 2005 kinda destroy the soul of the original version.

Tracks: (words and songs by Hyde)

  1. “Evergreen”
  2. “Evergreen” (English Ensemble)

Listen to Evergreen (Japanese version)

Listen to Evergreen (English Ensemble)

Watch its Video

Lyrics (romanized)
mado no naka no boku wa
gurasu no mizu ni
sashita hana no you

awai hizashi ni yurete
madoromi no soko
kizuku natsu no kehai

mujou na tokei no hari wo
itami no bun dake

aa, okashi na kimi to no hibi wo
afureru kurai
This scenery is evergreen
midori no ha ga irozukiyuku

komorebi no shita de
kimi ga naiteiru

yasashii kisetsu wo yobu
karen na kimi wa
mujaki ni natsuite

sotto karada ni nagareru
kurusi mitai ni
toketeitta ne

This scenery is evergreen
hakanai hodo togiresou na
sono te wo tsunaide
hanasanai you ni

This scenery is evergreen
kawaisou ni utsumuiteru
kanashii hitomi wo
nugutte agetainoni

chikazuku owari ni
kotoba hitotsu iidasenai
This scenery is evergreen
itoshii hito yo

English ensemble
I lie awake beside the windowsill
Like a flower in a vase
A moment caught in glass.. Mmm

The rays of sunlight come and beckon me..
To a sleepy dreamy haze
A sense of summer days.. aa

If only I could stop the flow of time
Turn the clock to yesterday
Erasing all the pain.. mm

I’ve only memories of happiness
Such pleasure we have shared
I’d do it all again

This scenery is evergreen
As buds turn into leaves
the colors live and breathe
This scenery is evergreen
Your tears are falling silently

So full of joy you are a child of spring
With a beauty that is pure
An innocence endures.. aa

You flow right through me like a medicine
Bringing quiet to my soul
Without you I’m not whole

This scenery is evergreen
I need you far too much
I long to feel your touch
This scenery is evergreen
You’ve always been so dear to me

This scenery is evergreen
It sorrows at the sight of seeing you so sad
This scenery is evergreen
I wish that I could dry your tears

The bells have rung the time has come
I cannot find the words to say my last goodbye
This scenery is evergreen
You’ve always been so dear to me


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