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Frozen Flower (Ssang Hwa Jeom)

No wonder the homosexual King played by Joo Jin-Moo is obsessive in love with him to the point that the King actually rejected another man, Seung Gi who offered himself.

  • Title: 쌍화점 (Ssang Hwa Jeom)
  • Title (English): Frozen Flower
  • Genre: Drama, History, Romance (Gay, Bisexual, Heterosexual)
  • Release : December 2008
  • Soundtrack : Ssang Hwa Jeom download at this page


  • Jo In Sung (Memories in Bali) as Chief Commander of Kunryongwe, Hong Lim
  • Joo Jin Moo (200 Pounds Beauty) as King of Goryeo
  • Song Ji Hyo (Goong) as Queen

The King of Goryeo is in love with his chief commander of Kunryongwe, Hong Lim and the Queen keeps her eyes on the relationship between Hong Lim and the King with a reluctant view. Meanwhile, the bilateral relation between Goryeo and the Yuan gets worse as Yuan Kingdom demands to replace the cousin as the new King of Goryeo as the present one do not have a successor. After seriously pondering the issue, the king asks his lover Hong Lim to sleep with the Queen, with unexpected consequences.

My thoughts,
Nice romance historical drama but too many graphic sex scenes. Otherwise, I believe it would have been taken more seriously.

Anyways, Jo In Sung is just perfect as a beautiful, loyal, submissive Hong Lim. No wonder the homosexual King played by Joo Jin-Moo is obsessive in love with him to the point that the King actually rejected another man, Seung Gi who offered himself.

I believe that Hong Lim is Continue reading



Miss Gold Digger (2007)

“I’ll find my Mr Right, no matter what!”

I love this movie!!! I watched it twice and bought its DVD as well. Do check out this sugoi movie! Han Ye Seul is so perfect in this role and deservedly won the Best New Actress for this romantic comedy. Ya know, she also sang the OST, Make me shine…

Listen to Make Me Shine [Download]

My only complain of this movie is the title. I do not think it should be called Miss Gold Digger as Han Ye Seul character’s Mi Soo does not hunt for rich millionaires. One of her targets includes a poor dorky loser as well. Her love philosophy’s is to have an open mind, open options, be it a rich guy or a total loser…. keeping them all in her shopping list.

Trailer (with Eng-Subs):
Han Ye Seul juggling relationships with four different men, adopting a different persona for each one.

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Hansel & Gretel (2007)

This dark fantasy movie made me cry and I love it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tat weird {{{ shudders }}} 4

I cried because it’s really SAD…. Not the typical mainstream horror movie I’ve watched. I’m rooting for the guy (victim) who trapped in the house, at the same time I can’t help but sympathizing with the “bad” characters in this movie. Truly different from its own genre and kept me interested till the end.

Movie Trailer :

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Shadows in the Palace – Movie

Ever since the overrated Korean Drama Jumong, I seldom watch any Korean movies/dramas with historical period piece anymore. Bought the original Jumong DVD but never got around or the motivation to finish watching it, so long-winded and draggy!!

When a friend emailed me about this movie, I was kinda hesitated before checking the movie out. So, I might be bias here… TF, i suppose that further proves we have different taste in almost everything.

This movie leaves a weird taste in my mouth. A bizarre mix of Agatha Christie, Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum), TVB’s War and Beauty with some lame supernatural ending. The only “saviour” that makes this movie unforgettable is the gruesome torture scenes. Other than that, plot-wise and whodunit is rather predictable…