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Remake of Last Friends?

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Autumn Concerto OST

Typical love story – rich bad boy meets poor sweet girl.  hate her, hate him but soon turns into love..(yadda, yadda?)

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Which F4 is your ideal man?

Do check out Shannen’s blog HERE!! Entertaining quiz she has there. According to her quiz, my most ideal F4 Prince Charming is…. Rui!! Haha, not Domyouji but I’m not disappointed cos Domyouji is perfect only with Makino… 😛


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Boys Before Flowers, HYD, Meteor Garden [POLLs]

Grrrreat effort from the Korean Production. Matsujun, I still love you but I can’t help falling for Lee Min Ho and opps Kim Hyun Joong too *blush blush* Honestly speaking, I watched Korean HYD with a biased mind to find any irksome with it, but alas I become hooked, in the chain of love with the drama instead. I believe I will continue watching it without fail, unlike the other Korean dramas like East of Eden, Coffee Prince and etc. which I have stopped half-way.

The only Domyouji, Makino and Rui that I ever know was the Japanese version. I did not watch the Taiwanese version because way back younger, I was kinda stubborn and rebel not to watch any dramas that my mom like. Strange but true.  Haha. I wonder anyone have this kind of strange crazy attitude. Thankfully my mom never consider watching any Japanese movie or drama, otherwise I would miss so much. Anyway, perhaps I should give Meteor Garden a chance when I have some time.

Anyway, back to Japanese HYD, I love its first season but irritated of its second season and tired waiting for its final installment movie. When it’s finally here, no longer appealing and thus haven’t watch the final movie version yet. As for Korean one, I just can’t stop..  no sign of irritation yet, in fact I fall deeply in love with Korean adaptation, especially three main characters – Domyouji, Rui and Makino…..

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Moonlight Resonance

Short Review:
I have finally finished watching this really long drama.  Quite a similar storyline to Heart of Greed with similar actors and actresses too but this time their role of characters are reversed.  For instance,  Michelle Yim was a good sis-in law and Suzanna Kwan was the villain mistress to Jack Wu but here their roles are reversed. Suzanna Kwan is the sis-in-law (bad one) and Michelle Yim is the villain mistress.

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Painted Skin

It’s not a horror movie. It’s not a kung-fu movie either… I would say it’s a dark version of a SWEET FAIRYTALE movie. It gets really sweet in the end. If you love sweet things then this movie is for you. I’m the type who cry easily but somehow I was not even touched or moved to tears. Anyway, it was still enjoyable mainly because of Zhou Xun‘s engaging protrayal as a demon fox spirit Xiao Wei.

WATCH the movie online HERE
Listen and Download the OST: 畫心 by Jane Zhang Liang-Ying
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Itazura na Kiss or It Started With A Kiss – Which is better?

I wonder which version shall I watch first… the animation version? or Taiwanese drama version, or perhaps the old 1996 Japanese drama version? Hmm, which one is better? Story-wise, it does not look appealing but then I couldn’t help jumping on the wagon since the taiwanese version is so hot and popular these days… Hmm, I wonder which soundtrack is better too….