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Compatibility Analysis – Min Ho x Hye Sun



As requested by Imee and also just for fun or anyone’s curiosity…

Compatibility Analysis
Union or love will be very strong, not at all intellectual, but sensual and full of romanticism and originality. Pure sexual attraction will unite the couple. They respect each other’s goals and drives, and don’t stand in the way of their attempts to achieve their goals. Their body rhythms match well, and they share a basic physical bond that is hard to break.

They have good intentions towards each other, but they often promise more than they can deliver. They make big plans that often fail to be realized. When one person wants to spend “together time”, the other feels restless and dreams of being somewhere else. Freedom versus closeness is a conflict that arises often in this relationship.

Hye Sun will probably suffer in this relationship. Min Ho may deceive, lie, will promise a fantastic future that only exists in the imagination. Min Ho will not be able to live up to these dreams. However, there is a strong desire to make each other happy. They are able to solve problems when they put their heads together. Forgiveness and graciousness characterizes their partnership.

In short,
A life together with few problems, love will develop into friendship, they will understand each other and go well together. Favorable union, linking invention and originality with common sense and thoughtfulness. They will do great things together.

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3 thoughts on “Compatibility Analysis – Min Ho x Hye Sun

  1. hahaha this is very interesting~~i miss their pairing! hyesun unni is so pretty and whoever she will be with in the future is lucky…well so does Minho of course hahaha!

  2. high five yuri 😉 wish them happiness whoever they end up with in the future….

  3. hahaha I miss this couple! I wish they could do another drama together 🙂

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