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Zettai Kareshi Returns SP [Spoilers]

I just finished watching Zettai Kareshi ~Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot. I realised how much I’ve missed the drama and I cried again. I can’t say I was too disappointed with the ending, just that Nighto died for the second time is rather too much and just too sad for me. *sniff sniff* “Why am I a robot? ” his words pierced through my heart. Despite its sad ending, this special is still sugoi to me personally unlike most drama specials that has wayy too many flashbacks. Zettai Kareshi flashback is just nice and necessary. Plus, Hayami Mokomichi rocks! He played Nighto to the perfection…

Some of my favourite and also sad moments…

Cute airport scene,
Riiko still call Soushi as “manager” even though they already engaged..

Soushi : Can we talk casually? I am not a manager anymore..
Riiko : Yeah, but I have no idea how to address you Continue reading



Mizushima Hiro Getting Married! [Poll & Compatibility Analysis]


Wow, I really did not see this coming. Haha.. Hiro’s character may have not get the gal in Zettai Kareshi but he got the singer who sang the theme song! 😛 Love Okaeri… and lovely Ayaka…  I wonder whether they know each other before Zettai Kareshi.. 😉 heehee.. I can’t resist analyse their compatibility… However, regardless… Omedetou Hiro Mizushima and Ayaka!!. 🙂

[Edit 5th April] They do know each other way before Zettai Kareshi. My compatibility analysis is SPOT ON!! Indeed a sweet love union.. 😛 Wish them lifelong happiness!!! My heart goes out to Ayaka… Get well soon!!…

[Tokyograph News] Popular actor Hiro Mizushima (24) and singer-songwriter Ayaka (21) surprised the entertainment industry on Friday when they held a press conference announcing that they recently married. In addition, it was revealed that Ayaka will be putting her music career on hold.

The two apparently first met three years ago, but it wasn’t until a magazine interview last spring that their relationship began to develop. The pair started seriously dating in August. They decided to register their marriage on February 22.

Mizushima explained, “She is indispensable to me. I thought, if I let go of her, I’ll regret it my entire life.” Ayaka commented, “My first impression of him was that he had really powerful eyes, and he could completely see through me. Right now, he is someone I respect from the bottom of my heart.”

It was also learned that immediately after Ayaka’s debut in 2006, she became ill with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder. Ayaka tearfully reported that her symptoms have been increasing. As a result, Ayaka will continue with her music until the end of this year, after which she will put her career on hold. Mizushima promised to protect and support her.

Compatibility Analysis :

Favorable union because neither has to explain to the other about his or her life goals and overall personality. The two people complement each other in basic ways. Some misunderstanding on the sexual level may occur and this will frustrate the partner. Hiro Mizushima belief systems Continue reading


Boku no Kanojo wa Saibogu

Tenjo Nighto, please meet your cousin sister, Cyborg Girl… made by Korean Director Kwak Jae-Yong of ‘My Sassy Girl’ (2001) and ‘Windstruck’ (2004).

We already have sexy Hayami Mokomichi as male roboto boyfriend in Zettai Kareshi. Now meet a beautiful female roboto girlfriend in this new J-movie who actually BEAT guys up!! haha… I wanna watch this!!
[EDIT – Jan 30 2009]
I love this move alot and I bought its DVD version and never got tired watching it a few times.  One of very few romantic J-movie that I love other than Tada, kimi wo aishiteru


[EDIT – Nov 15] Watch the movie online Continue reading


Zettai Kareshi episode 10 + NG Scene

and the clover that Nighto has been holding
in his hand falls away…

Sigh… I’m all choked up. My heart bleeds for Nighto… roboto or not, realistico or not, I want a happy ending for Nighto!!!! and I want Riiko Continue reading


Zettai Kareshi (POLL) – Who do you want Riiko to be with?

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Zettai Kareshi episode 8

The love that exists outside Nighto’s programming, Riiko is just starting to react to it” – Namkiri

Watch here or Download the torrent here

I like this episode alot for few reasons. One of the reason is that I get to see HYD F4 Akira as Roboto 02. Seem like he is always a guest-star or co-star ne? This guy can really act but I wonder why he’s not getting any juicier roles like his other HYD F4 actors.

Anyways, I’m so delighted that Riiko has finally showing some feelings Continue reading


Alternative sites besides Veoh

Veoh ban my country block my country… Sigh! 😦

Luckily there is an alternative website Crunchyroll and I get to watch Last Friends and many more… But sadly no Zettai Kareshi at Crunchyroll due to some unknown “squabble” between Crunchyroll and SARS Fansubs.

So, I thought I could never continue watching Zettai Kareshi again…. But, alas… Kudos to mysoju!!!! (although their videos are mostly from veoh) I’m so glad that I can finally watch Zettai Kareshi Episode 7 because mysoju switched to DailyMotion for this episode. Arigatou mysoju!! 🙂

Besides mysoju and crunchyroll, another website worth mentioning that I stumble upon recently is Asian TV. Do check out this cool site. It has loads of Asian dramas and movies. Continue reading