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  • Title: トライアングル
  • Title (English): Triangle
  • Genre: Mystery, suspense
  • Episodes: 11


  • Goda Ryoji – Eguchi Yosuke (Emergency Room 24 Hours)
  • Kuroki Shun – Inagaki Goro (SMAP member)
  • Sachi – Hirosue Ryoko (Renai Sashin)
  • Goda Yui – Aibu Saki (Zettai Kareshi)
  • Shimano Takaya – Sakai Masato (Himitsu no Hanazono)
  • Tomioka Yasushi – Tanihara Shosuke (Love Shuffle)
  • Akimoto Ryo – Sasaki Kuranosuke (Zettai Kareshi)

The series starts with the murder of a 10-year-old girl in 1984. 15 years later, after the case goes unsolved and passes the statute of limitations, a doctor named Goda Ryoji suddenly quits from his hospital and eventually becomes a detective. In 2008, he meets Sachi, a traveling artist in Paris, and shortly after Goda’s return to Japan, he becomes involved in the expired murder case when another detective receives an anonymous phone call.

My thoughts,
A bit draggy at times but suprisingly entertaining though..

Still Triangle irritates me because its red herrings are totally senseless and sucks.  If the scriptwriters purpose of wanting to divert our attention from the murderer, I’d be more thrilled not able to guess who the murderer was.. I love unpredictable movies / dramas!! However, that’s not the case for Triangle, I actually feel kinda cheated because I felt that the scriptwriter has belittle my  “intelligence” 😛 They should have divert it more intelligently and not senselessly or aimlessly.

For example, Shimano guy was keeping tabs on Sachie’s investigation file and I seriously wonder what’s that got to do with him anyway. It just doesn’t make sense between him and the real murderer. Obviously his involvement was meant for Sachi and not Sachie. That is only one of the examples, there are many more but, but, but….

Overall, it was very satisfying ending..


  • If you could look past of the clues and try not to think or analyse too much, Triangle is quite entertaining than other solving-mystery drama like.. emm Kindaichi, Trick, etc  ? 😛
  • The poor script is forgivable because of the stellar casting. They totally blend into their characters  especially Sakai Misato, Eguchi Yosuke and Sasaki Kuranosuke


  • Draggy scenes, too much explanation that tries too hard to make it emotional
  • Red Herrings that does not make any sense, belittle our intelligence 😛
  • and [Spoiler] Select to see.. How i wish the adopted Sachi never dies… sigh!



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