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Hwang Bo Fighting! Any guy you pick is bloody lucky!



and the guy who genuinely likes Hwang Bo more than just a friend has good taste 😉 As much as we fans wanted Hyun Joong and her to be together, I really wish she’ll find someone who can make her happy, whether he’s Hyun Joong or not.

Hopefully her “confession” in liking this Super Junior guy EunHyuk does not create any bad image or issue for her upcoming single which is to be released on the April 21st.  Hope her album or single becomes a big hit!! Fighting!!…

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6 thoughts on “Hwang Bo Fighting! Any guy you pick is bloody lucky!

  1. Lol… I stumbled on to your website by info of “Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome” but then I saw you posted about HB!
    I was so taken aback cause I loooove hb… am a huge fan! So please continue to support hwangbo.

  2. Yes, I’m her huge fan too… HwangBo forever ya…

  3. another major hb fan over here! ^^
    yah and i totally agree with you. as much as i’d want her to end up with hj, if she finds someone else who genuinely makes her happy, and she loves him, i’m totally up for it. her happiness is what really matters cuz she 100% deserves it!
    though, it would really be perfect if they end up being real lovers someday- hj and hb. after all, i can just wish.hehe..
    thanks for your posts. they’re very interesting. keep it up!

    ssangchu jjang! xoxo

  4. Love Hwang Bo Unnie so much and so happy when know that there are many people arount the world love Unnie like me!

    similar with your opion, always wish she will happy with her man whether this is Huyn Joong or not!

  5. hwangbo you will be happy. you smart don’t warry
    about bad news about you ‘OK
    love you sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. yup, any guy hb likes wouldn’t just be any guy . and any guy who admires hb has a high taste 😉 yeah, we all want her to be happy , with the person she chooses.. her happiness is ours too , and ..To the World ~ ;D

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