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Autumn Concerto OST


Typical love story – rich bad boy meets poor sweet girl.  hate her, hate him but soon turns into love..(yadda, yadda?)

Hmm, personally i like it – the first few episodes really kick ass – 3 asses

  • Sweet and cheesy. Any cute scenes between Mu Cheng and Guang Xi
  • Sad – Relationship between Mu Cheng and her step-mom, plus the heart-breaking scenes when Guang Xi had to go through the test and treatment with Mu CHeng by his side
  • Scary – Eww! The perverted eww ewww ewww ahjussi. Yuck!

Finger crossed this drama is not getting too draggy, am waiting patiently every monday or tues to watch it at sugoideas!

Love the theme (and inserted) songs played in this drama…

  • Opening Theme Song (Love it alot, really addictive)
    我爱他 (I Love Him) by Ding Dang 丁噹 from the album Della [Download]
  • Ending Theme Song
    突然想爱你 (Suddenly I Want To Love You) by Ding Dang & Emil Chau [Download]
  • Song when they made love
    你為什么說謊 (Why Did You Lie)  by Ding Dang [Download]
  • Song when they’re in ice-hockey ring
    亲人 (Relative) by Ding Dang [Download]
  • another Inserted Song
    一切為了愛 (All for Love) by Victor Wang [Download]

2 thoughts on “Autumn Concerto OST

  1. where can i find softsub for this drama . i try very hard to find it at internet. please….help me ……..:P

  2. what softsub?

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