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Remake of Last Friends?

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Double Vision – Ueno Juri and Utada Hikaru

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I was stunned when I saw Hikki’s new look on her latest Prisoner of Love PV. She looks like Ruka!!! Same hair color too! haha… I wonder whether the same hair-dresser chopped Jurippe and Hikki’s locks. Still look very pretty… 🙂

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Last Friends – Too fast!!

More pictures of Last Friends here
Watch the drama here or download the torrent here and its soft-subs here

Oh Gosh! I’m gonna faint waiting for episode 10! The story has gone really super-fast speed now whereas the theme song Prisoner of Love has gone much slower and quieter… Plus, its ratings Continue reading

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Japanese drama 2008 Spring Poster or Banner

Poster or Banner plays an important part of attracting viewers, dun ya think so? It’s like first impression for me. Change’s banner is BORING. I suppose Takuya Kimura in the drama itself is enough? and therefore, needless to make an interesting banner?.

Anyhow, below are my personal favorite banners for 2008 Spring japanese drama. and why I love them. What’s yours? Continue reading


Last Friends

Just finished watching episode 5 of Last Friends at soju. Definitely gonna be my all-time favourite dramas even though I haven’t seen the ending yet.

The storyline is rather deep and dark. Plus, I’m sucker for character-driven kinda dramas, especially the way it unfolds layer by layer, leaving you wanting for more. Impressive performance especially from Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile).

Plus, I coundn’t get the theme song by Utada Hikaru out off my head. The lyrics is fittingly made for Ueno Juri’s gay character Ruka’s love to Michiru.

Download the OST (Prisoner of Love) Here

Last Friends Drama Trailer

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