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Boys Before Flowers, HYD, Meteor Garden [POLLs]

Grrrreat effort from the Korean Production. Matsujun, I still love you but I can’t help falling for Lee Min Ho and opps Kim Hyun Joong too *blush blush* Honestly speaking, I watched Korean HYD with a biased mind to find any irksome with it, but alas I become hooked, in the chain of love with the drama instead. I believe I will continue watching it without fail, unlike the other Korean dramas like East of Eden, Coffee Prince and etc. which I have stopped half-way.

The only Domyouji, Makino and Rui that I ever know was the Japanese version. I did not watch the Taiwanese version because way back younger, I was kinda stubborn and rebel not to watch any dramas that my mom like. Strange but true.  Haha. I wonder anyone have this kind of strange crazy attitude. Thankfully my mom never consider watching any Japanese movie or drama, otherwise I would miss so much. Anyway, perhaps I should give Meteor Garden a chance when I have some time.

Anyway, back to Japanese HYD, I love its first season but irritated of its second season and tired waiting for its final installment movie. When it’s finally here, no longer appealing and thus haven’t watch the final movie version yet. As for Korean one, I just can’t stop..  no sign of irritation yet, in fact I fall deeply in love with Korean adaptation, especially three main characters – Domyouji, Rui and Makino…..

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