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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Theme Songs DL and POLL

Hmmm… I wonder which is better. I’ll decide after I finished watching both the drama and anime…..

Anyways, enjoy their theme songs 😉

Drama version [ Continue reading


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Double Vision – Becky and Isabella Rossellini with Becky’s new Single

Becky’s new hairdo reminds me of young Isabella Rossellini. Their eyes, their brows, their nose and their lips look almost alike too! Becky looks very sexy with her hair short…

I’m not surprised that she chopped her gorgeous tresses. She is known for her guts, hyper and positive energy. However, I’m surprised to read that she is now a singer! All the lyrics are written by her… Wow!! Plus, her voice is really good and sweet – suitable for this ballad song.

Do check out her song / MP3 at the end of this post. Ya know, I hope she’ll do some rock or dance music Continue reading