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Love Analysis – Masaki Aiba x Asami Mizukawa

I’m not surprised by the news but i’m actually shocked with the love analysis result I’ve got..  Anyways, purely for fun 😉

This week’s issue of FRIDAY magazine claims that Arashi’s Masaki Aiba (27) and actress Asami Mizukawa (26) are dating. In fact, their relationship is said to have started about three years ago.

Late last month, Mizukawa was seen visiting Aiba’s apartment building, with a mask covering part of her face. She was also seen visiting the same apartment in October and November of last year.

Mizukawa appeared in the 2004 movie “Pika**nchi Life Is Hard Dakara Happy,” which starred the members of Arashi. According to FRIDAY, Mizukawa and Aiba started dating three years ago, but they broke up in the fall of 2008 because of their busy careers. However, they got back together about a year later.

This is not the first rumor involving Mizukawa and an Arashi member. Last month, another magazine claimed that she and Kazunari Ninomiya (26) were going out after they were seen sharing a meal in Shibuya.

The management agencies for Aiba and Mizukawa said that the two are good friends, but they are not dating. – Tokyograph

Love Compatibility Analysis :
A love union that is based solely on physical understanding Continue reading



Compatibility Analysis – Yunho x Hwangbo

Specially for requestor Iwano Mona or anyone’s curiosity…

Note to Yunho’s fans – this is just for fun. Please don’t get crazy or upset with  Hwang Bo.  Allow me to repeat – just for fun! There were NO real evidence or any confession from them that they were ever involved!! Peace…

Compatibility Analysis :

It is Continue reading

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Compatibility Analysis – Jun Jin x Lee Si Young

I never thought Jun Jin and Si Young would became a real couple because I thought they were acting in WGM. After all, they acted in a few dramas before and can be considered as good actors to me personally.

However, I’m even more surprised that Si Young is actually only 2 years younger than Jun Jin! I thought she must be at least 5-8 years younger than him. She looks so young! Anyways, here is the compatibility analysis, purely for fun….

Compatibility Analysis:
It is Continue reading


Mizushima Hiro Getting Married! [Poll & Compatibility Analysis]


Wow, I really did not see this coming. Haha.. Hiro’s character may have not get the gal in Zettai Kareshi but he got the singer who sang the theme song! 😛 Love Okaeri… and lovely Ayaka…  I wonder whether they know each other before Zettai Kareshi.. 😉 heehee.. I can’t resist analyse their compatibility… However, regardless… Omedetou Hiro Mizushima and Ayaka!!. 🙂

[Edit 5th April] They do know each other way before Zettai Kareshi. My compatibility analysis is SPOT ON!! Indeed a sweet love union.. 😛 Wish them lifelong happiness!!! My heart goes out to Ayaka… Get well soon!!…

[Tokyograph News] Popular actor Hiro Mizushima (24) and singer-songwriter Ayaka (21) surprised the entertainment industry on Friday when they held a press conference announcing that they recently married. In addition, it was revealed that Ayaka will be putting her music career on hold.

The two apparently first met three years ago, but it wasn’t until a magazine interview last spring that their relationship began to develop. The pair started seriously dating in August. They decided to register their marriage on February 22.

Mizushima explained, “She is indispensable to me. I thought, if I let go of her, I’ll regret it my entire life.” Ayaka commented, “My first impression of him was that he had really powerful eyes, and he could completely see through me. Right now, he is someone I respect from the bottom of my heart.”

It was also learned that immediately after Ayaka’s debut in 2006, she became ill with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder. Ayaka tearfully reported that her symptoms have been increasing. As a result, Ayaka will continue with her music until the end of this year, after which she will put her career on hold. Mizushima promised to protect and support her.

Compatibility Analysis :

Favorable union because neither has to explain to the other about his or her life goals and overall personality. The two people complement each other in basic ways. Some misunderstanding on the sexual level may occur and this will frustrate the partner. Hiro Mizushima belief systems Continue reading