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Personal Taste OST Part 2


Individual download below or Full OST Download
01. 말도 안돼 – 윤하 (Younha) [Download]
02. 빗물이 내려서 – 김태우 (Kim Tae Woo) [Download]
03. 가슴이 뭉클 – 씨야 (SeeYa) [Download]
04. 그대라는 날개 – 김태우 (Kim Tae Woo) [Download]
05. 사랑 만들기 – 포미닛 (4Minute) [Download]
06. 바보처럼 – 2AM [Download] ♥♥♥♥♥
07. 왕벌들의 비행 [Download]
08. 야릇한 느낌 [Download]
09. 왕벌들의 비행(Piano Ver.) [Download]
10. 바보처럼 [Inst.] [Download]
11. 사랑 만들기 [Inst.] – Guitar Ver. [Download]
12. 그대라는 날개 [Inst.] [Download]
13. 가슴이 뭉클 [Inst.] [Download]
14. 빗물이 내려서 [Inst.] – Violin Ver. [Download]
15. 말도 안돼 [Inst.] – Piano Ver. [Download]

16 thoughts on “Personal Taste OST Part 2

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR OST PERSONAL TASTE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR PAGE!

  2. thanks so much! lee minho is sooo cuteee! MELTS

  3. Wow. Thanks for the spoiler! Hahaha.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for the OST. Love the songs! I’ll go ahead and tell my visitors about your site. 🙂

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  6. thanks a lot for uploading the download links for personal taste! it is a nice drama filled with nice songs (:

  7. Thx for up!

  8. What is the title of that?? I mean what is the title of the movie of Lee???

  9. what a lovely song…^_^
    like it so>>>>>…^_-

  10. anyone know the title of the track which is missing from this OST? it is a guitar + piano piece..

  11. Wanna download, but i’m not understand the Tracklisting

  12. thanks for sharing~

  13. OMG I really love this drama~! Totally love the OST as well, asfjaslkdjafsla the songs are really awesome!


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