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Tokyo Tower (2005 Movie) – Watch Online or DL Links


Due to some requests from commentators and understood their difficulties in watching this movie, I’ve decided to upload and share this movie for anyone who is interested. For the MQ and LQ downloads, sorry that I can’t remember which kind brilliant souls subbed them. Therefore I can’t post the credits. 😦  Do let me know if you have some idea..

Here goes the links.. Enjoy 😉

Japan’s beloved actress Kuroki Hitomi (Sada, Dark Water) and Okada Junichi (V6 band) team up as lovers in the silver screen production Tokyo Tower. Based on Naoki award-winner Ekuni Kaori’s bestseller novel, the movie stars Okada as university student Toru who falls head over heels in love with beautiful Shifumi (Kuroki Hitomi). However, the world of the romantic couple is put to the test by numerous obstacles from their surroundings…

Director: Takashi Minamoto
Cast: Hitomi Kuroki, Junichi Okada, Jun Matsumoto

Watch Online with Eng-Sub at youtube. Credits to shanecarmen2008

LQ Eng Hard-Subbed. 150MB – FLV version, 50MB each.

Medium Quality Version – 700MB. Use HJSplit to join the video files


12 thoughts on “Tokyo Tower (2005 Movie) – Watch Online or DL Links

  1. Tokyo Tower is such a wonderful landmark. The tower is the same even though its surroundings have changed so much

  2. Hello,

    Thanks a million for those links.

    Have a nice day


  3. can I have the mediafire links for MQ?? the wordpress doesnt allow the links to seen. thanks very much 😀

  4. Part 3 LQ Eng Hard-Subbed link doesn’t work.

  5. thank you for sharing the links…I have been searching for this movie (because I really love MatsuJun!) and now, I can watch this! Thanks again…^^

  6. Thank you so, so much!!!!

  7. please pleasssssssse part 3 😦

    Part 3 LQ Eng Hard-Subbed link doesn’t work.

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  9. Hi! Do you still have a copy of Tokyo Tower? Thank you so much!

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