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Jejoongwon OST


Individual track or full OST download as follows:-

Tracklisting :

Full OST [Download]
01. Title Prologue – Kim Hyun Jong [Download]
02. 살잖아 – Jang Hye Jin [Download]
03. 한월가 (恨月歌) – Park Yong Woo [Download]
04. 나 바람 그대 – Park Tae Jin [Download]
05. 사랑이 이렇게 – Yang Eun Seon [Download]
06. 그 사람 – Park Sang Woo [Download]
07. 새까맣게 – Cheon Dambi [Download]
08. 너는 어디에 – 김예슬 [Download]
09. 세상의 중심에서 나를 외치다 – Just [Download]
10. 너 아니면 – Ji Seo Ryeon [Download]
11. 한월가 – Park Soo Jin [Download]
12. 광야 1 – Kim Hyun Jong [Download]
13. Purity – Kim Hyun Jong [Download]
14. Passion [Download]
15. 나비의 춤 – 이소영 [Download]
16. 희망의 나라 – 동민호[Download]


11 thoughts on “Jejoongwon OST

  1. wow.. a lot of artist sing in this album….
    can’t wait to hear this, thanks a lot ^^

  2. Thank you SO much!!

  3. thank you for posting/sharing!

  4. Theres one song that was in the series but not in the OST. Check out this link:

    Anyone idea what song its called and who sang it? I can’t find that song.

  5. there’s one more song on ep.23,it wasnt included on the album hiks..pls help me to find that song..thanks in advance

  6. Only fall in love with this song when I watched Jejoongwon Drama. The song is really lovely and it make me feel like fall in love.

    Sadly that I can’t find the translated song lyrics.

  7. Wow, I am very happy to find this OST. I find it is very good indeed! And a nice drama as well! Thanks so much!

  8. Oh, track 9 is incomplete…

  9. Please, tell me who sing ” hidden pain ” in Jejoongwon
    I would like to download , it is very beautiful .

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