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Han Ye Seul new hairstyle or bad hair day?


Hrmmphh.. I’m not too fond with this ahjumma hairstyle but she still looks radiant. 🙂 Anyways, according to the article, she was in Domino’s Pizza charity event for the children at Seoul National University Hospital.

Article and photos credits to Nate News and MyDaily

More photos…

I believe it’s a bad hair day effect after this commercial photo shoot. I know cos I did a mistake getting my hair permed in this style.. and it’s hard to maintain!! On my bad hair day, it looks like above pic… triangle head look. 😛 However, Han Ye Seul looks better than me and she can change her hairdo anytime and many times without damaging her hair!

3 thoughts on “Han Ye Seul new hairstyle or bad hair day?

  1. hmm I actually like it, kind of wavy 🙂

  2. really?
    i don’t mind it, but a bit too frizzy if you ask me

  3. I suppose I’ve gone depressed with my own hair… and the first pic reminded me of that. However, this is about Han Ye Seul and not me.. *laughs* Personally for me, she still looks fabulous!!… 🙂

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