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Chuno – Dae Gil or Tae Ha


Home sweet home finally after a good long trip.. and I’ve got so many dramas, movies, OST to catch up!! Watched Chuno yesterday non-stop from Ep 9 until Ep 13!!! 😀 Oh my goodness! Lee Da Hae’s character Un Nyun / Hye Won finally saw Dae Gil! I’m gonna faint!… Who will she choose? As if she can choose in that century of time…

Anyways, both guys are soo delicious that I want to eat them both.. In fact, not only these two 😛  *laughs*

Best guy for Un Nyun/Hye Won….

Bad boy Dae Gil – a sad (tortured soul) sexy wild and dangerous beast or
Good boy Tae Ha – a straight, honest,  by the book/rule, sweet and gentle visionary white-knight hero..

Your Pick?..

My pick….

Dae Gil for Un Nyun / Hye Won for that century. Reasons…

  • If Hye Won and cute baby Prince fall into the sea, I believe Tae Ha will save the Prince first.. He is the hero type of guy who place the goodness or greatness of the world or country first and foremost rather than his own self or his own heart or his love, no matter how deep his love towards Un Nyun. Dae Gil will of course save her without any thought. Dae Gil would save or change the world for her. Tae Ha lifelong mission has been to the world cos of who he is and not because of her.
  • There will not be any mistress or concubines with Dae Gil regardless the rule says the guys can have many women. Dae Gil’s heart has proven never change during those long 10 years, not even once wavered by the temptations from pretty Seul Hwa. I can visualise Tae Ha having VERY FEW mistresses in his household when he goes back being as a “fat and stable” officer or nobleman.. Even though he may not look for concubines, his people would… as a “show of status” as well as to have more sons.. to procreate. It’s the thing the nobles have to do.. Dae Gil would care shit about this..

In short, I would choose Dae Gil in that ancient time because Hye Won is not a modern working woman. In fact, I believe it’s hard being a woman during those times and therefore she needs a man, a man who see her as number one in his everything..

Tae Ha for Un Nyun / Hye Won if they’re living in this modern realistic world.. *laughs* Reasons..

  • It would be downright scary to know a modern-day twisted in love Dae Gil in person. It’s not that I do not prefer a loyal in love kinda guy, I do.. Just that Dae Gil gives me that unpredictable vibes, he is not able to let go, to move on… summore a violent guy!! Hmm… I would be worried whether he can adapt himself in the mentally harsh and modern society life..  If  a modern-day Dae Gil is NOT manipulative or violent, he would be fine.. but then he is so unpredictable, I would never know when he will have his dark clouds rain or thunder strike on his head.  Not suitable for independent headstrong modern woman..
  • Tae Ha is most likely a boring boyfriend but a good one. He is not very attentive nor good with words to be able to charm or seduce girls.. *laughs* Most likely it will be the girls who will make the first move.. If this is modern Tae Ha, he makes a a very good, loyal husband material – secure and stable. Someone who is reliable and responsible..

Hye Won seems like a capable woman in her ancient time…knows how to do house work, dares to kiss her master during her slavery time and decide to run away after her wedding, she will most likely become someone who is independent, who has a mind of her own in this modern period. Therefore, all  she needs is a secure stable man like Tae Ha to complement her life.. In this harsh modern life, love is not everything… love easily fades too..  This is what my mom and my married girl-friends brainwashed me.. and they are right, sigh!

Cheers, till then…

7 thoughts on “Chuno – Dae Gil or Tae Ha

  1. thanks for page I love the actors Chuno – FOR LOVE KOREA

  2. Thanks for the page, personally I’m dying for my Genarl Choi, HAN JUNG SOO!!!!!

  3. I picked Tae Ha for Un Nyun because I think Seol Hwa suit Dae Gil more. ♥

  4. i’m carried away with the has ended and daegil needs to die..i can’t accept though….pls help..! i cant sleep..

  5. im falling in love…with the casts,,,,..very nice story

  6. Interesting thoughts and break down of past and present, but as for saving the baby or Hye Won, I think the baby always wins. Sometimes they say that once you are a parent, you understand why. And I think even if Dae Gil were to try and save her first she would demand he save the baby. Dae Gil is very unpredictable, even in his own time, he was scarred so emotionally that he was practically dead inside. Seeing her again woke him up, but he knew he had lost her after all those years. Still, I loved both complex and rich characters! Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho are two of my favorite Korean actors.

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