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Love Analysis – Matsuyama Kenichi x Koyuki

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Purely for fun.. Wish them both happiness! 😉

Love Compatibility Analysis:
This is a love union that is based on physical understanding and passionate love. There is a lot of affection between them, and they need to express it physically. Their body rhythms match well, and they share a basic physical bond that is hard to break.

They are able to solve problems when they put their heads together. Respect for each other’s intelligence. They have similar intellectual understanding and tastes. They enjoy each other’s company immensely, very open, loose and jovial around each other.

There will be misunderstanding, lies and conflicts between them which either break them or make their relationship stronger. Their stars indicate there is a strong desire to make each other happy,  Forgiveness and graciousness characterizes their relationship.

Another star indicates that they found an ideal partner in each other. They will have total confidence in each other. They will be energetic, full of life and can undertake things together through life.

In short,
A favorable union. A life together in which each will desire the other and satisfy each other needs. They will do great things together.

My thoughts – This is the first time i see many positive stars in a relationship analysis especially the ones that found their ideal in each other. It got me thinking that my true ideal love could be someone in his teens!! Oh No!! Please NO!!…

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One thought on “Love Analysis – Matsuyama Kenichi x Koyuki

  1. YAY!!!

    Even though this love analysis affair is all good fun and fiction, I feel absolutely giddy that the results have turned out to be positive. (And the fact that this was the most positive relationship match you’ve ever done makes me want to jump for joy!) I’ve always been fond to Koyuki; she exudes a kind of warmth, quiet humility, and grace that is quite captivating. I’m so happy for her. Wish them both luck and happiness!

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