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JYP, fresh milk for WG PLEASE..

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Here comes another "Nobody" Chinese version!!

JYP, what’s next? Japanese version? I wonder, wonder and wonder whether these poor girls are TIRED singing Nobody these past years?! Too many versions spoilt the song!

Anyhow, Sunmi Sunmi Sunmi… I’m gonna seriously miss her 😦 I guess this chinese version would be the last one we hear Sunmi in WG, huh? 😦  Ya know, she has the best Mandarin pronounciation amongst the girls.  I know cos I’m Chinese.  But I’m not too fond of the Chinese version though.. the bad pronounciation kinda ruined it. I actually prefer the English version and I love the Korean version the best of all..

Anyways, check out the new Nobody (Chinese Version).

Nobody - Wonder Girls (Chinese Version)

  • Nobody – Wonder Girls (Chinese Version) [ Download ]

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