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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Ep1 Recap


Since I’ve done my first impression on this drama, thought I’d do the recap too.

Summary Recap
The episode starts with Kyouhei, madly braving through the snow storm in the middle of nowhere. He screamed his lungs out asking why the heck he had to go through this hell.

In the next scene, we saw him washing some dishes, with all the gals’ love and adoration buzzing around him. He clenched his fist in anger, trying his best to control his temper.  His boss came, requested him to handle those ladies customers and that he need to do is just smile.

Poor Kame.. being grabbed by an ol' man

He then grabbed his butt and said,

You have a nice “thing” ya know… Use it wisely

Umm.. I’m sure his “thing” is nice. Thank you very much! LOL. I wouldn’t grab him like that or pinched his butt, but I would love to give him a warm hug from behind (in my dreams though). Mind you,  not Kyouhei but Kame cos Kyouhei might cause me some serious damage… 😛

Unable to take the sexual harassment and the love buzz attention anymore, Kyouhei  stormed out and broke the table with his fist. He yelled at those silly girls before punching his boss. He quit by throwing his red apron away. Then, we see a girl secretly took his picture. Plus, a girl picked his apron up and sniffed!! (EWWW! Disgusting!)

Next, we’re being introduced to the 4 bishounen.. and they live together in a mansion.

To know more about the cast and characters, please click here for more detail..

Kyouhei Takano - Please dun love me look

Takenaga Oda - Help! Nosebleed!!

Yukinojo Toyama - So sweet, I lost my teeth like this grandma

Ranmaru Morii - I look matured cos I've experienced.. 😉

Over at the mansion, the landlady announced that the boys gotta leave the place in a week’s time. Smart-guy Takenaga knew something’s fishy and directly asked her hidden agenda. Lo! he was right – the landlady wanted the guys to turn her niece into a lady. She proposed that they can live in the mansion for free until graduation if they succeed.

Before she could tell the boys more about her niece – Sunako, we hear thunderstorms, followed by blackouts in the mansion. Yuki looked particularly scared, huddled behind the sofa and pointing at the window.

Someone or something is at the window. The guys freaked out.

Kyouhei bravely peered out but he was frightened shitless when Sunako knocked (scratched?!) on the window. Lil Takeru recognized her cousin sister and called out her name – Sunako. Kyouhei and the boys were in major shock and realized that their subject matter is one impossible task to achieve. They may be forced to leave the mansion. 😦

Back in Sunako’s room (Wow! what a cool room! I want it but with the lights on! 😛) we see Sunako agitated, she was worried at staying with “bright” people. She was afraid their brightness would melt her away (Gal, shall we switch places? I don’t mind melted abit by Kame or Uchi or Tegoshi :P) She appealed her only friends – Hiroshi-kun, Akira-kun and bald Josephine to help her. Ahh! but it’s sweet little Takeru who consoled her. He gave her some chocolates even his stomach was making some noises.  So cute and touching, neh?!

As lil Takeru is hungry, Sunako-chan went to the kitchen to make him dinner. Kyouhei wrinkled his forehead in disgust at the way she used the cleaver. It was all bloody and the way she handled it was creepy.

Heeeheeeheeehee..... Juicy lil knife.. 😛

But never underestimate her killing cooking skill, dinner looks great and delicious…. yummy!

Glorious food!!!!

Next, the guys captured Sunako while she was doing the dishes. To make her a lady, they wanted to makeover her face. Kyouhei made a move first  to cut her hair. As Kyouhei’s brightness is too dazzling and blinding in her eyes, she used her head and knocked Kyouhei down on the floor. Kyouhei is bloody mad that he yelled at her, called her ugly several times. Sunako went really nuts like a hulk and and screeched her lungs out like a banshee before she stormed off the room.

33 year-old witch who drinks anti-aging potion?

Next, we see Kyouhei in the cafe. He then walked on a fallen-leaves path lined up with trees..  He felt someone is stalking him. Someone tapped on this shoulder and it was the waiter girl. She seemed to be the stalker as she knew his early whereabouts really well. Anyways, Kyouhei still sensed someone is still stalking him even when he was with the waiter.

At the mansion, Yuki knocked on Sunako’s door to apologize for the night before where they tied her up for make-over. Sweet and thoughtful Yuki brought dinner too 🙂 Since there is no answer, Yuki went in and his goosebumpy exploration began.. and she was not in her room. She was in Takeru’s room, pondering whether to stay or not stay at the mansion with dazzling people. Meanwhile, sleepy Takeru had a sad dream about his mom. Next, we see Sunako went to her room sleeping in her coffin-like bed (d’perfect bed to keep her from brightly shiny things neh)

Gimme your number. It'll be the 1st number in my new mobile 😉

Next morning, we known from Takeru that a girl took Sunako away. Who could that be?! Takenaga suspected Kyouhei’s stalker. Anyhow, with Ranmaru’s help and connection, they learned that Sunako is most likely in Hokkaido. Kyouhei showed interest in helping Sunako to everyone’s amazement. So, Kyouhei and lil Takeru off to Hokkaido to look for Sunako-chan..

cold and lonely winter..

In the middle of nowhere but with snow everywhere, a strange girl came running and offer them help and shelter..

Kame is so cute here, anyone gladly offer help ne?!

At her shabby lil cabin, Kyouhei found out she was the stalker who took his pictures. Her name is Yuki and she is Sunako’s childhood friend! She took Kyouhei’s pics because of good easy money paid by his fans. Plus, she needed money to support her orphan boyfriend- Masao who was working as a host in a cabaret club. She wanted to help Masao to achieve his dream in opening a Ramen restaurant.

Kyouhei and the guys pointed out to Yuki that Masao is nothing but a con-artist. Unable to accept Kyouhei’s negative remarks, Yuki stormed out from the cabin. With lil Takeru insistence and Sunako’s help, Kyouhei went to look for Yuki in Asahikawa.

So sad and yet Sunako cried beautifully

In Asahikawa, Kyouhei learned from Sunako the reason she isolated or hide herself. It’s all because of a guy she liked 4 years ago. He told her she was ugly. (I really loved the black-and-white look when she reminisced her past) At the mansion, Sunako’s aunt too relate Sunako’s behaviour change to the other bishonens as they listened attentively… Can’t help capturing their screen shots :P..

Prince Charming Takenaga....

Ooh! Sexy... Sexy Jawline! Very Man 😉

Pretty Yuki isn't convinced being a girl is fun. So cute and adorable 🙂

Look at me, woman! Let's date or you can make something for me to eat 1st

Meanwhile at Asahikawa, Kyouhei “lectured” Sunako after hearing her story.

Kyouhei : Beauty is what’s inside. You’re so dumb to waste your life away on that meaningless stupid comments. Come, Let’s go. Stop being ridiculous! Which is more important – your dumb trauma or your good friend?

Sunako : You dun understand my feelings. You say that… cos you’re good looking.

Kyouhei: I do not wish to look (“perfect”) like this.

Kyouhei started to leave saying he’ll search Yuki himself but he stopped, turned around and said, “You should worry about your insides that gets uglier.. more than worrying about your face” In the next scene, Kyouhei found Yuki…

Back in the mansion, the guys showed Yuki some pictures as evidence that Masao-kun had swindled many women. Unable to face the truth, Yuki fainted and the guys vowed to make Masao-kun to pay for what he did to Yuki. With the help of Takenaga’s intelligence, they plot on how to con him and to get Yuki’s money back.

However, their plans were foiled when Yuki warned Masao by blowing  Kyouhei’s cover. She got both herself and Kyouhei detained in the club. Remembering Kyouhei’s words in Asahikawa, Sunako decided to overcome her fear and help the guys to rescue Yuki and Kyouhei. So, her “makeover” began, including the guys 😉 with Ranmaru as d’ stylist.

Ranmaru and Takenage too masculine. Sunako's too awkward. Perfect girly gal definitely belongs to Yuki

Sadly, their rescue plan did not work out and all of them were captured and tied up. However thanks to Kyouhei’s magic word – ugly,  Sunako’s banshee screams, her hulk strength able to break the rope and get everyone free. What I like about Sunako’s hulk transformation is that there is always a lighting that follows after her banshee’s scream. Cool!

Too bad there is no sword here but she looks cool nevertheless

The lovely pair,  Sunako and Kyouhei went on to fight their way out against the gangsters in the club. I hope we can get to see Sunako-chan with a sword in later episodes. 😀 Anyways both of them save the day. Yuki saw Masao’s true colours and was touched by Sunako’s sacrificial friendship.

Both of them are so adorable like the koala cookies

Happy Kyouhei looking at the skull given by Sunako. Sweet!

Back in the mansion, Sunako and Kyouhei exchanged thank-you gifts. Sunako got him a skull whereas Kyouhei got her the koala cookies that she loved. It’s really sweet to hear Kyouhei tenderly said, ” For someone who sacrificed herself for friendship, you are not ugly”. Then the next minute he cracked me up with his usual short-temper self again urging Sunako to be a lady so that he can save the rent. 😛

Till the next episode… My thoughts about 1st episode here

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  1. this is truly a great drama and i’m glad you’re recapping but it’s a pity no one is talking about this, thanks for the recaps, i hope you’ll continue recapping it !

    • I have high hopes that this drama won’t disappoint me. I wish I was able to watch it weeks earlier or recap them but sadly, i’ve been away from internet for too many long weeks due to personal reasons 😦 sigh…

      Anyhow, thanks for visiting.. horizon

  2. When they are fighting in the Host Club and Sunako gets pissed. Does somebody know what the song is called that is beeing played. It sounds like traditional asian music. I really wanna have this song!
    So could you plz somehow help me?
    Just mail me the answer to :
    I need it!
    Searching for it since 8 months…-.-

  3. Stumbled into this site by chance but I’m certain glad I clicked on that link. You really answered all of the queries I’ve been dying to answer for some time now. Will truly arrive back for much more of this. Thank you so much

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