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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge @ First Bite

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Whoever photoshop this poster did not do justice to dear Uchi.. he looks weird..

What can I say about this drama? Hmmm.. it’s like you’ve been anticipating your valentine’s day for many weeks and when D-day come, you feel great and suspense at first as the night is still young… however, as the night proceed, it’s not as great or as exciting or as good as last year’s valentine. However, you still feel happy and enjoy the evening nevertheless

That’s what I feel about Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge…  I can’t help comparing it with the anime.  It’s not that bad – seriously.. It’s just that I was kinda disappointed that my favourite scenes in anime was not shown or executed well in the drama.

I can accept that there won’t be any nosebleeds from Sunako-chan cos I have enough nosebleeds for Kame, Uchi, Tesshi and sometimes the ballet-guy. I could also forgive the additional role – little Takeru. He is sooo adorable though I don’t see the point of him being there. I’m afraid he might tone-down Kyouhei’s “madness”

Anyways, my major complaint is not seeing Kyouhei’s half-nakedness here. There’s hot shower scene in the anime. There’s also the unforgettable scene between half-naked Kyouhei and Sunako in the anime. I wonder Kame’s wanted to spare us from having nosebleeds… Dear Kame, dun be shy, I love you with or wihtout the six-pack or bulging muscle. Sigh! If this is K-drama, there will be many excuses for eye-candy feast.

I wonder which is worse - nosebleeds or blinding eyes!!

Half-naked Kyouhei.... Nosebleed!!!

I was also disappointed that the kitchen scene is not as funny as the anime.  Sigh! I think I better stop watching the anime until this drama ends. In the anime, the way Sunako-chan laughed eeriely and the way she handled the cleaver is downright funny and creepy. The bishonens were terrified! That does not turn out well in the drama. I wish that there is some imagination scenes like in K-drama You’re Beautiful.. It would be hilarious to see each of the guy’s story of imagination when they see Sunako held the knife in the kitchen..

*banshee laughs*

bloody shit!

Run for our lives!!

bloody good and tasty, you'll love it 😉

That’s the last complaint though, almost…. 😛 Now, the positive ones…

What I like about this drama is Noi. I love the Kyouhei-Noi’s love and quarrelsome (unromantic) brother-sister relationship. It’s just lovely. Plus, it’s obvious that Noi like Takenaga alot. I can’t wait for Noi-Takenage relationship to blossom.. Ok, now the actors themselves..

Aya-chan : She is brilliant. I actually preferred Sunako’s drama version to anime one. There’s heart in the drama-version. I suppose without the distracting nose-bleeding, I was able to feel the unhealing scars rooted inside Sunako-chan self. Aya-chan did well as someone who is strange, creepy, weird, very strong physically and yet very weak at the same time on the inside.  I felt for her and responded to her character. I’m won over with Aya-chan’s portrayal.

Kame : Methinks he looks great with or without the wig. I dun really mind his natural hairdo. Among the 4 bishonens here, Kame is undeniably better than the other 3 guys here due to his acting experience.   Not over the top and not bland either. His eyes, his facial and body expression are just right and perfect as Kyouhei, in my eyes

Uchi : I don’t think it’s easy to play Takenaga character, especially being the Cool Guy. One might come across as a stiff actor just to act cool. I thought he did pretty well.  He make good use of his eyes not to appear stiff, rather his eyes conveyed intelligence and observance.

Tesshi : I think this is the fair character to play. Tesshi definitely has the feminine looks like his character, Yuki. Though at times I felt his facial is expressionless, blank or like he was staring into space. However his cutesy expression is good though.

Ranmaru's leg up up away and down...

Miyao : He is definitely not stiff in his acting though I found it distracting when he move his hands or legs. I’ve noticed that he loves to flung and stretched his leg high up in the air before crossing over to the leg.  Must be his ballet thing going on here. Sometimes he is kinda smooth like a player but most of time I’m just not convinced he is popular with women. His matured look does not help to make him a ladies men ya know. Something’s missing, which i believe is charm or sexiness. I think it’s the ballet hand and legs that makes him less masculine, less appeal as a player, ya know..

Anyways, despite some imperfections, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is still fun and i’m looking forward to next episode. Am downloading it now 😉 I believe I need to stop watching the anime until I finish this drama.


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One thought on “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge @ First Bite

  1. I must agree with you,I prefer the anime and the manga,I love the manga,have you ever read it?It is amazing!Sunako in the drama is quite lovely,I don’t know why but I didn’t enjoy it so much she is not creepy or scary,but I think it is because as a drama It was necessary,It’s a romantic comedy ne,i really liked it and I could not wait for the next episode subbed,there was a time when I saw it subbed in chinese,I could not wait!,The actor playing Ramaru missed the sex appeal,but he was so fancy that I couldn’t avoid laugh of it.Anyway Yamanade is great everyway!

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