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The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry OST


The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (Still, Marry Me) OST

Individual download below  or FULL download

01 One Two Three – 4Minute GaYoon & Han Ye Ji [Download]
02 고백 – Kim Bum (김범) [Download]
03 사랑을 열다 – Park Ji Heon (V.O.S) [Download]
04 Beautiful Girl – Star (별) (Download)
05 The Woman who cut my string guitar – Kim Bum (Download)
06 이런생각 – Cha Eun Joo (차은주) [Download]
07 LOVE IS… – Nolto Band [Download]
08 눈물이 별되어 – Morningstar Lily [Download]
09 다가가도 되나요 – Kim Ye Seul (김예슬) [Download]
10 오늘의 날씨 – Lovely (러블리) [Download]
11 Do Not Look Back – Various Artists [Download]
12 꽃다운 서른넷 – Various Artists [Download]
13 I Need Mojo – Various Artists [Download]
14 Have A Smile – Various Artists [Download]
15 Straight No Looser – Various Artists [Download]
16 현실 – Various Artists [Download]


47 thoughts on “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry OST

  1. thank you so much for the ost.
    I like this drama a lot.

  2. Thank you so much for this OST. I was looking everywhere for it !! Much appreciated 🙂

  3. Lovely drama. thank you for the soundtracks. Have been lookin for them

  4. I luv Korean drama,, thank’s bro for OST The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry …. ^_^

  5. Thank you for the OST – was looking for one particular song, but I guess it was not included on the OST. It’s the mashup (I think) by Jang Kiha, from episode 6 where she’s in her car and the two guys in the van pull up alongside her with this song blasting. Anywho, thank you.

  6. many thks for your sharing beautiful songs…i have watched this series and like OST so i try to serch from web and good luck for me to find your post…thks thks..

  7. Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  8. There is one missing song in this album..
    i don’t know what the title is, but i missing that song…
    That is instrument something like electric guitar. Anyone know that song?

  9. thank so much for sharing

  10. love this drama so much
    perfect guy kim bum

  11. thanks……

  12. thank you for the ost …:)

  13. Love this drama and also the OST

  14. So best OST…
    i luv It…

  15. l love you kim bum

  16. i love the songs. thanks

  17. i love this song
    i meet raka kim bum

  18. thanks again for the ost

  19. i luuuuuv much this drama… ^_^

  20. 하루하루, hear the korean song very much….! drama was great, the actress have talented, cute, beautiful, the story is original and funny..! i love kim bu ki ( 내가 부의기를 사랑 ). 정말 감사합니다

  21. good drama…i love it kim bum

  22. can i know Still marry me OST that using a guitar?
    that’s for Still MArry Me opening song^^ can you tell me what is that title of the song.???

    • Thank you for sharing the album.

      @leesungminworld Did you get the opening song (instrumental using guitar)? Can u share with me, plis.. 🙂

  23. i like it.. 🙂

  24. Thanks for the OST, I like them all. The drama tells us about various love at same portion. Really, it’s different than others.

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  27. Thank you for the downloads!

  28. Hi…

    actually im looking for this music which plays in ep 2 when min jae called her mom… is a bass with drum melody background… if anyone can tell me the song name much appreciated 🙂

  29. super thanks… been looking for this OST for couple of months already.. kudoz to you!!

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  31. I don’t suppose you could re-upload these tracks? Thanks for uploads 🙂

  32. all r gud bt kim bum is da berry on da cake.he steals da show.his smile gives me sleepless nites.da series is unique n gr8

  33. i looking for intro like electric guitar instrument, which played when sad scene,please upload the intro here….thanks…

  34. Hello!
    The question is up there,I’m just wondering what the answer is,because if it’s yes I’ll work on my glutamine intake.!sale generic…
    best price generic

  35. Has anyone found the electric guitar song yet?

  36. can you re- upload these tracks???please

  37. plz… anyone, i’m beg.. let me know the tittle and composer of instrument in sad scan (i guess guitar one)… plz… plz… thats resound in my head, just cant forget T_T

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