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Chuno / Slave Hunters OST


Tracklisting :-

01. Change (바꿔) by  (Gloomy 30s) [download]
02. Stigma (낙인) by  Yim Jae Beom [download]
03. 달에 지다  by Beige [download]
04. 민초의 난  by MC Sniper [download]
05. Damn Love  by Woong San [download]
06. 악토(惡土) (new age) [download]
07. Wanted (instr) [download]
08. 흑풍취산(黑風吹山) (instr) [download]
09. Breathing (instr) [download]
10. 비익련리(比翼連里) by Ccotbyel [download]
11. Lost Paradise (instr) [download]
12. 천하(天下)에 고함 (instr) [download]
13. 꽃길 별길 (instr) [download]
14. 검은 울지 않는다 (instr) [download]
15. 향(香) (instr) [download]
16. Chuno (instr) [download]
17. Stigma (Bonus Track) by Yim Jae Beom [download]

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22 thoughts on “Chuno / Slave Hunters OST

  1. thank you very much.

    thanks to your blog I could download that music files.


  2. Hi.

    Thank you so much for this OST.

    Recently watched the 1st episode last night.
    Good song identified.

    Lee Da Hae is extraordinarily beautiful.

  3. Thanks for the OSTs.
    Great blog.

  4. thanks a bunch!!

  5. Arigato for the OSTs.
    Great blog.

  6. i love this so much ~ thanks a lot ~

  7. Thank you so much, what an awesome OST!!!


  9. Thanks for this blog, I am currently foloowing the episodes and having your blog as a source for the songs I love is great. Thanks a bunch!

  10. I want to watch this drama…….
    The cast are my favourite…….
    Thanks for the OST ^^

  11. thak you soooo uch for o s t I really thankful for that
    we love jang oh ana allcast of this drama
    saudi Arabia

  12. Thank you so much for the downloads! We ALL really appreciate it!

  13. this best music

  14. Thx Very much for nice song like this

  15. thank you for the OST! my fave is the one by beige

  16. TQ so much..this really help me out a lot..
    kamsahamnida 4 the ost..^^,

  17. thanks for posting the downloads… but there is this one track that it’s listed. it’s the one from episode 14. the song that starts right at the begining. do you know who and what the title is?

  18. Thank you so much. ♥

  19. thanks from your fantastic site, hope u more success!

  20. Thank you! I am amazed by korean culture and noe by k-dramas. Chuno is the second drama I watch, after The Tree with Deep Roots (Mil Bon). The reason I chose Chuno is because of Jang Hyuk, one of the best korean actors, and not only!

  21. Thank You 🙂

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