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Compatibility Analysis – Hwang Bo x Kim Kyung Rok


Specially for requestor JS or anyone’s curiosity…

Please correct me if I did not get the right Kim Kyung Rok – 4th December 1983

Compatibility Analysis :

A union based on physical understanding. They share similar intellectual interests, the same type of curiosity. They are able to solve problems when they put their heads together. There can be a certain level of self-consciousness together that is always present, no matter how long they are together.

There is a strong negative star in this relationship. Sexual attraction is strong at the beginning but disagreements will often have a major impact in their sex life leaving them running hot and cold frequently.

The Square Mercury in Hwang Bo will find it difficult to tolerate Square Saturn in Kim Kyung Rok because Kim Kyung Rok seems to be critical of Hwang Bo’s ideas. Hwang Bo may feel Kim Kyung Rok too practical and unimaginative.

If Hwang Bo is looking for a mature (thinking) person to be with, this union would be possible. Their belief systems will change and evolve into a feeling of responsibility and loyalty for one another.

In short,

A union with extreme negativities especially aggressiveness and disagreements that needs tolerance and understanding,  otherwise they end up on opposite ends of the couch.

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Compatibility Analysis – Yunho x Hwang Bo

Specially for requestor Iwano Mona or anyone’s curiosity…

Note to Yunho’s fans – this is just for fun. Please don’t get crazy or upset with  Hwang Bo.  Allow me to repeat – just for fun! There were NO real evidence or any confession from them that they were ever involved!! Peace…

Compatibility Analysis :

It is love-at-first-sight, passionate, very intense and transforming. There is a lot of affection between them and they need to express it physically. Very good sexual understanding. They feel that the relationship forces them to grow.

They stimulate each other to be more creative and expressive. They learn a great deal from each other. Hwang Bo will be enriched by this relationship with Yunho, which will lead to the discovery of a new world, original and full of change. They speak to each other about things they never talk about to others.

However, their union is unstable. There will inevitably be division due to

1) Misunderstanding. (Opposition Sun-Venus) would have Hwang Bo to misunderstand with Yunho

2) Their ideas not developing the same way as time goes by and

3) Other circumstances are such that their romantic feelings for one another are interrupted too often.

They will be frequently impatient with each other. They will no longer understand each other and could split up. If they part, it is close to impossible to stay friends because of the constant reminder of the passion that once existed.  It’s all or nothing with them.

In short,

A very strong passion based on physical and intellectual understanding but highly disappointing in the end due to something inconstant in this relationship

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3 thoughts on “Compatibility Analysis – Hwang Bo x Kim Kyung Rok

  1. thanks ^_^
    they seem like good friends and i totally loved it when he was in an episode of infinity girls.

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