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Double Vision – Becky and Isabella Rossellini with Becky’s new Single

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Becky’s new hairdo reminds me of young Isabella Rossellini. Their eyes, their brows, their nose and their lips look almost alike too! Becky looks very sexy with her hair short…

I’m not surprised that she chopped her gorgeous tresses. She is known for her guts, hyper and positive energy. However, I’m surprised to read that she is now a singer! All the lyrics are written by her… Wow!! Plus, her voice is really good and sweet – suitable for this ballad song.

Do check out her song / MP3 at the end of this post. Ya know, I hope she’ll do some rock or dance music in the future.. She has that personality for it. hehe

Becky, 25, released her debut single “Kokoro Komete/Hapi Hapi” on Wednesday, her first foray into the world of music since she entered the celebrity world 10 years ago. To celebrate, she has a new hairdo—first bob haircut, having chopped over 50 cm of her famous long silky locks.

Her “stage name” will be “Becky♪#,” which she says is meant to project a more mature image. Cutting my hair gave me the courage to reinvent myself,” she said, adding she hopes to build a successful singing career.

Becky currently appears as a regular on eight TV shows and 11 commercials, and won the top female spot in a survey of the most popular TV “talento2 in August of this year.In September, she was quoted as saying “I’ll cut off all my hair when I get married,” but it looks like she couldn’t wait.

Becky wrote the single herself, painting the feelings of a woman longing for her lover after a breakup in kind but realistic words. The singer will be in charge of the production of all the songs on her upcoming album, to be released next year. – JapanToday

Her music video and MP3 credits to BobbyMorningSusume

MP3Becky “Kokoro Komete”  Wholeheartedly [Download – 10MB]

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