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God of Study OST


OST Part 1 below. OST Part 2 over HERE… Enjoy! 😉

OST Part 1 Tracklisting :
Full OST [Download] or individual track as below:-

01. 한번쯤은 – 티맥스(T-MAX) [Download]
02. Dreams Come True – 포미닛(4minute) [Download]
03. 또르르 – 지연/ Ji Yeon (T-ara) [Download]
04. Because I’m Weary – 어니스트(Ernest) [Download]


4 thoughts on “God of Study OST

  1. I am having trouble downloading Track 4 ‘Becuase I’m weary’. Seems that it is no longer available.

  2. I’ve just test it out and it works fine.. perhaps there were some glitch at mediafire during your time..

  3. Thanks. I got it now.

  4. thank you for share 🙂

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