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Will It Snow for Christmas OST


Tracklisting :
Full OST [Download] or individual track as below:-

01. Blue Christmas (opening title) instr. [Download]
02. Because It’s You (그대라서 ) by Gummy [Download] ♥♥♥♥♥
03. I Love You, I am Sorry by SS501허영생 Heo Young Saeng [Download] ♥♥♥♥♥
04. Just Like Now (그냥 이대로 ) by Han SoHyeon [Download]
05. Poisonous Love (독한 사랑 ) by Jade [Download]
06. Love Pendant (잃어버린 팬던트 ) [Download]
07. Love Snow (instr.) [Download]
08. Fighting God (투 신 ) [Download]
09. Paper Airplane (instr.) [Download]
10. The Father I Missed (그리운 아버지) [Download]
11. Icy Shadow (차가운 그림자 ) [Download]
12. Love is like Rain Drops (사랑은 빗물처럼 ) [Download]
13. Waltz of Tears (눈물의왈츠) [Download]
14. The Days of the Past (지난날) [Download]
15. Found Love (사랑을 찾아서) [Download]
16. Love Painting  [Download]
17. Time of Fate (운명의시간 ) [Download]

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14 thoughts on “Will It Snow for Christmas OST

  1. thank you 😀
    been looking for the individual links ^^

  2. Thank you so much:))

  3. hi mate, excellent site Happy Holidays! Hope you can look on my site too ~

  4. Thank YOU so much……….
    It really helps me ^^

  5. thank you so much…
    I really look for Young Saeng song…^_^

  6. Thank you, I really like this ost.

  7. thx a lot.. :))

  8. thanks.. i’ve been looking for the soundtrack..

  9. what was the song when ji wan walk in the rain after the engagement party???

  10. anyone know what was the song after ji wan engagement party and she wak in the rain

  11. Thank you!!!!

  12. anyone know the song that KJ sang to his mom through the phone when he was still working in Seoul its the same one that comes up in episode 15 the song goes like this ” Don’t cry Hangdo. Your oppa is here. Keep to the path of a wife…”

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