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You’re Beautiful OST


Some extras and OST version to enjoy ~ ♪♪

Goodness gracious! I’m addicted to the drama as well as the songs!! I especially love Jang Geun Suk voice as solo or in ANJELL and of course not forgetting Hong Ki’s voice… They truly made my day (and night) 😉

Still/As Ever (여전히)

Promise (약속)

Without Word (말도 없이)

What should I do

OST Tracklisting Part One
01. Still/As Ever (여전히) – Lee Hong Ki [Download]
02. Descend from the sky (하늘에서 내려와 – 미스에스) – Miss S feat. Oh Woobin [Download]
03. Without Word (말도 없이)- 9th Street [Download]
04. Lovely Day – Park Shin-hye [Download]
05. Promise (약속) – Lee Hong Ki  [Download]
06. 가슴이 욕해- Kim Dong Wook [Download]
07. Without Word (말도 없이) – Park Shin-hye [Download]
08. Still/As Ever ((여전히))  – A. N. JELL [Download]
09. Promise (약속) – A.N.JELL [Download]
10. Without Word – Ver.Piano [Download]
11. Still – Ver.Bossa [Download]

OST Tracklisting Part Two
01 Song For A Fool (바보를 위한 노래) – Park Sang Woo [Download]
02 Without Words (말도없이) – Jang Geun Suk [Download]
03 What Should I Do (어떡하죠 ) – Park Da Ye [Download]
04 Good Bye – Jang Geun Suk [Download]
05 Lovely Day (Acoustic Ver.) – Park Shin Hye [Download]
06 What Should I Do (Inst.) [Download]
07 Good Bye (Inst.) [Download]
08 Song For A Fool (Inst.) [Download]

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9 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful OST

  1. thank youuu! it helps so much. but can you post the lyrics. i always wanted to sing along with the song hahaha

  2. Very like the song…, the movie very good too

  3. Song for a Fool Invalid or Deleted File .. Why??

  4. hey thanks, couldnt find some of these songs in frostwire

  5. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He’s beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv it!!!!!!!

  6. thanks this is a nice website

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