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Compatibility Analysis – Yunho x Hwangbo


Specially for requestor Iwano Mona or anyone’s curiosity…

Note to Yunho’s fans – this is just for fun. Please don’t get crazy or upset with  Hwang Bo.  Allow me to repeat – just for fun! There were NO real evidence or any confession from them that they were ever involved!! Peace…

Compatibility Analysis :

It is love-at-first-sight, passionate, very intense and transforming. There is a lot of affection between them and they need to express it physically. Very good sexual understanding. They feel that the relationship forces them to grow.

They stimulate each other to be more creative and expressive. They learn a great deal from each other. Hwang Bo will be enriched by this relationship with Yunho, which will lead to the discovery of a new world, original and full of change. They speak to each other about things they never talk about to others.

However, their union is unstable. There will inevitably be division due to

1) Misunderstanding. (Opposition Sun-Venus) would have Hwang Bo to misunderstand with Yunho

2) Their ideas not developing the same way as time goes by and

3) Other circumstances are such that their romantic feelings for one another are interrupted too often.

They will be frequently impatient with each other. They will no longer understand each other and could split up. If they part, it is close to impossible to stay friends because of the constant reminder of the passion that once existed.  It’s all or nothing with them.

In short,

A very strong passion based on physical and intellectual understanding but highly disappointing in the end due to something inconstant in this relationship

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10 thoughts on “Compatibility Analysis – Yunho x Hwangbo

  1. I really enjoy your C.A can you try Hwangbo and Kim Kyung Rok from V.O.S. please?

  2. hmm, no offense but i dun see hwang bo beautiful. besides yunho ideal is jun ji hyun who is way different and more beautiful and femine than hwang bo.

    i dun get why some fans so worked up that every guy must be in love with her. it’s for the show and scripted. hello?!! Peace!

  3. keep doing what u doing i just luv them been together amd hopfully they are ? peace …..

  4. js – sure, watch this space.. 🙂

    miar – well, we’ll never know 😉 am just hoping hb will find lifelong happiness..

    claire – no offense taken, everyone’s entitled to their opinion including hb fans. 😉 besides, BEAUTY is debatable and she is a REAL beauty in my eyes.. cheers and peace to you too!

    Let’s together support Yunho and Hwangbo to get marry in this year!!!

  6. I agree you guess about JoongBo, But Yunho is wrong. if Yunho try to open his heart, Nothing can hurt their love.
    Yunho and Hwangbo is born couple! They should together, they are the another part of each other!

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