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Tae Kyung or Shin Woo or Jeremy [Poll]


I’m deeply in love with this drama, especially the guys. Because of Jang Geun Suk, I love Tae Kyung despite his sometimes unprince-like behaviour. Haha! Tae Kyung’s hair-style, looks, fashion and behaviour all reminded me of my sweet love Hyde and Matsujun…

There’s Shin Woo – Mr Nice Guy K-Drama Prince Shin Woo… my heart goes out to him too and of course there’s  sweet, funny and cute Jeremy… he reminded me of Ikuta Toma’s Nakatsu in Hana Kimi.. My pick all three of them! Haha! 😛

In reality, my pick is Jang Geun Suk. Love him lots and now I’m one of his biggest fan!

To be honest, I watched this drama was because of FT Island Hong Ki.  I delayed watching it because I was not too excited with Jang Guen Suk being the leading actor. He was not attractive to me in Beethoven Virus…

But alas, he captured my heart in this drama.. with his versatile acting capability… I would say now I’m in love with him, totally respect and admire him especially as an actor.  His acting capability is SURPRISINGLY very good and no offence to Min Ho’s fan, I believe he would make a better Domyoji in BOF.. Fittingly over the top like Matsujun in HYD or even better if I would say so… Summore, he cried realisticly- very very real and heart-felt. Acting top-notch from Jang Geun Suk.. Love his distinctive sexy voice too 😉

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7 thoughts on “Tae Kyung or Shin Woo or Jeremy [Poll]

  1. yeah!i cant believe i’ve so missed him out all along!Hes really handsome! love his stares!

  2. Devil7, you can fill your missing heart by listening to his song all day and re-watch You’re Beautiful when you have the time….. 😉

  3. yeah, i couldn’t agree more!!! I believe he would make a better Domyoji in BOF!!!!! *_*

  4. haha!ya ! i can listen all day! never get tired! i love park shin hye too! recently watched the melon music awards just to see them mccigg together!

  5. bona, high-five!…he also looks good with curly hair too 😉

    yeah devil7 – PSH is so feminine in melon music awards and both of them are so adorable together!! JGS is so damn good and so smooth as an MC! Love him taking the lead and get PSH to loosen up abit by asking her to sing… cos she looks kinda nervous.. Love him when he changed his personality a while as Tae Kyung and then back as JGS…So many things to love him and PSH… Sigh! I’m sad You’re Beautiful has ended……

  6. I loVE Hwang Tae Kyung…. coz of that i love JGS!!!
    his facial expression reminds me alot of Tao Ming Se character’s in Meteor GArden..
    and i agree with u… his style similar to Hyde’s STyle lol…
    I Love his acting…. his facial expression is very funny and always makes me laugh.. And he is very fashionable.. makes me drooll everytime i see him…

    and his voice is soooo sexy.. GOSH! !!!!

  7. missjb…. finished watching Meteor Garden a few months ago and Jerry Yan is such a hottie… 🙂 am happy to know another JGS fan here 😀

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