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Orthros no Inu Ep 2-3


Money, power, reputation. All these don’t matter to me. Love, perhaps? – Ryuzaki
on what happiness means to him and what made him to decide to escape prison

kakkoi ne…

The story gets more interesting. There is definitely some connection between Ryuzaki, Aoi and the village. Aoi’s amother (adopted mom?) knows about the village and Aoi’s power to kill.

Umm, Tackey is so charismatic as Ryuzaki, good at manipulating people around him..

Favorite scenes in Ep 2 and 3

You must not hate anyone. If you hate someone, something bad will happen. Understand?


Heart-pounding basement car park scene with Ryuzaki, Hasebe, Mio and Pharmaceutical President’s son, Kumakiri Masaru.

I kinda agreed with the Hasebe’s senior detective why on earth Ryuzaki wanted to meet Hasebe especially that he is a fugitive. Hasebe’s senior detective words,  “Even though he is being sought after by the police, who would have thought he’d come to see you of all people. Maybe that Ryuzaki has a crush on you.”


Ryuzaki manipulated Aoi and Aoi’s being conflicted whether to kill the drunk driver in order to get Ryuzaki to save the innocent kids


Ryuzaki scaring the old president Kumakiri in the car and all smiles about it


I love the interaction between Mio and Ryuzaki. Mio is adorable and acts very well as asthmatic kid. This is my most favourite scene.


“I’m all dressed up. Shall I go on a date?”
This scene cracks me up but learn something new on Ryuzaki’s healing hands. He cannot heal himself. Does that mean he will die? Oh no?!! 😦

More pics..

with cute adorable mobile phone….

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2 thoughts on “Orthros no Inu Ep 2-3

  1. wow, i didnt want to watch such a heavy drama at a first though Tacky was one of my first and most favorite actor (got hooked on him after watching forbidden love XD) but after seeing this post i think i’m gonna give it a try 😀

  2. I actually liked him better here in Orthros no Inu than Forbidden Love. More grown up and sexier.. 😉 Please do check out Boku dake no Madonna too. Cheers!

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