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Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit


You are selected to die for the ‘good of the nation’
and with 24 hours to live,
how do you feel and what would you do?
What would you live for?

and anyone who does not support this law
will be brain-washed

  • Title: 死亡預告
  • Title (English): Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release :2008
  • Theme Song : Michishirube (signpost / 路標)  by PhilHarmoUniQue. It is performed by Yuta Kanai in the film.
    Download the theme song over HERE


  • Shota Matsuda (Love Shuffle, Jotei, HYD) as Kengo, Ikigami Delivery Officer
  • Takayuki Yamada (Crows Zero, Densha Otoko ) as Brother
  • Yuta Kanai (L-Change the world) as Musician Tsubasa
  • Takashi Tsukamoto (Hatachi no Koibito, Taiyo no Uta) as Musician Duo Friend
  • Riko Narumi (Hacthimitsu to Clover) as Blind Sister

Based on the Manga of the same name in which a National Prosperity Law has been passed in dystopian Japan resulting in citizens between the ages of 18-24 being randomly selected to die for the good of the nation. These citizens are given 24 hour notification of their impending death. These notifications are known as Ikigami – Death Notification.

On the first day of year one, all Japanese students receive an inoculation. A small percentage of these inoculations includes a nano capsule which via radio-control will kill the receiver somewhere between the ages of 18-24. The government believes that the threat of unexpected death will increase prosperity and productivity in its citizens. And indeed this increased prosperity is evident, but at a great cost, innocent lives. Citizens who do not agree with the National prosperity law and who publicly voice their opinions are accused of “thought crime.”

Kengo Fujimoto (Shota Matsuda) has been recruited by the government as an Ikigami delivery man. Whilst undergoing training he witnesses the “arrest” of a man (also undergoing training to become a deliverer) who commits a thought-crime when he yells to the entire room that the law is wrong and that his girlfriend died from the ikigami.

The Film follows Kengo as he delivers Ikigami to 3 citizens
1) A rising musician (Yuta Kanai) debutting in the music industry but struggling with leaving his friend behind as a busker,

2) A  shut-in (Kazuma Sano) who is the son of a council woman (Jun Fubuki) who supports the law whole heartedly and attempts to use her son’s upcoming death to gain sympathy votes, and

3) A working class debt collector (Takayuki Yamada) who is about to take his blind sister (Riko Narumi) out of the orphanage she lives in now that he is finally financially secure.

During the film we discover that thought-crime criminals are most likely brain-washed and then returned to society, strongly believing in the national prosperity law when they return. Through out the film Kengo struggles not to commit thought-crimes publicly as he feels that the law is wrong. Towards the end of the film Kengo walks past a school where the year ones are entering and there are doctors/nurses on either side of the path encouraging children not to be afraid and to have their inoculations. Kengo sees the man who was taken from his Ikigami deliverance training,  standing in a lab coat and encouraging the children to get their inoculations, supporting the brainwash theory. – Wikipedia

My emotional state,
It was a perfect human drama and the theme song is just so right. I especially love the parts about the musician and the brother-sister relationship. Truly emotional and I just can’t stop crying. I hope that is a sequel with Kengo doing something about this evil law without getting caught or brain-washed.


  • Stellar casting performance, especially Matsuda Shota, Yuta Kanai, Jun Fubuki, Takashi Tsuakamoto and Takayuki Yamada.
  • Perfect storyline. Memorable..
  • Perfect theme song


  • NONE. Just perfect and sugoi for me…



6 thoughts on “Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit

  1. Yeah, totally agree… IKIGAMI has a VERY MEMORABLE story line.. the comics the movie.. i reccomend reading act3 of the comic.. very memorable……

    i also agree the themesong is VERY PERFECT!!!
    fits nicely…


  2. High Five! I must say not many people aware of this movie.. and I hope more people like us know about this sugoi movie…. Cheers!

  3. I’ve recently seen this movie and I really want to know if there is any way to get the soundtrack when Yuta is singing Michishirube.

    Do you know? 😦

  4. Random, I was looking for it too.. sniff, sniff….

  5. got any link on this movie?

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