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Orthros no Inu (@1st Bite) + Theme Song

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Orthros no Inu

Just had a bite on the very first episode of Orthros no Inu and…. it was simply delicious!! especially Tackey and Ryo 😉 Haha! Tackey is super sexy (I kept rewind just to see him 😛 ) as a manipulative devil with god-healing hands who only heals with hidden agenda or motive. Ryo is very convincing as a conflicted angel, very heartfelt and sad just watching him… Totally a different person he played in Last Friends.  He is not just a pretty face… Ryo is sugoi!

Another plus point about this drama is because I love really really dark and mysterious kinda storyline, like waiting in anticipation of what lies beneath.. waiting for that layer of layers of layers being unfold in the darkness.. umm, ignore me if you don’t get me.. I just hope I will not be disappointed.

Anyways I like its Opening Theme Song – Hikari Hitotsu. The singer is none other than Tackey!!  Download the theme song  HERE For better quality original version without anime sound-effect, please support and buy Tackey’s album at CDJapan at below URL.

Hmm… I wonder whether there is an anime version of this. If yes, I wanna find and watch it! Any ideas or leads would be appreciated….Cheers!

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One thought on “Orthros no Inu (@1st Bite) + Theme Song

  1. thanks a bunch. I was crazy looking for this song!!!

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