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Ssang Hwa Jeom by Joo Jin Moo


Joo Jin Moo on Stage
I don’t usually listen or even like classical, oldish, traditional kinda song. Except for this one.  So hauntingly beautiful just like the singer. haha…  😛 Joo Jin Moo’s voice is so darn sexy to be ignored, So, how can I not notice this lovely song? 🙂  Download the song over HERE

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8 thoughts on “Ssang Hwa Jeom by Joo Jin Moo

  1. Thank you so much!!!!

  2. thanks a lot!!!

  3. Thank you so much,
    my little son (2y) loves this music but I couldn’t find it.
    We have the blue ray version – and he only heard the song (no pictures!)

  4. Thank you so much!! i looked ALL over for this song before i finally found it here

  5. thanks thanks thanks a lot, i’ve been looking for this song for soooooo long.

  6. Beautiful song. I searched for it all over. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Please upload this again! I’ve been looking all over for the song but the mediafire link is taken down. You can email me too!

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