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Shining Inheritance – Jun Se or Hwan


Who do you wish Eun Sung would choose?

Mr Nice Guy, Jun Se or Mr Bad Boy, Hwanie?

Mr Nice Guy who has been always there for her through thick and thin or Mr Bad Boy who change become a better man because of her… For the first time in my drama watching life, I can’t decide which hero to root for… am going back and forth.


14 thoughts on “Shining Inheritance – Jun Se or Hwan

  1. i wish Eun Seong can chose both but i prefer to Jun Se but i like Hwan confused

  2. High-five Aliya!! 🙂

    My heart goes out to Jun Se because he is so ATTENTIVE, caring, good-looking, rich, responsible, mature and dependable!! He is just perfect as a boyfriend/husband material.. I wish my other half is like that! haha! Wishful thinking!

    But, at the same time Hwan is just soooo irresistible to be ignored. He is sooo cute!! I’m not too fond of Hwan’s character but I really adore the actor/singer Seung Gi himself…

  3. well. Since the beginning of the movie, Jun Se appears more like a brother to Eun Sung than a boyfriend. And it’s more the purpose of the producers to give him that “title” as her brother instead of her romantic partner.

    So i would go for Hwan, because I already have that bias. It would look awkward if Eun Sung paired up with Jun Se to make a couple, then it would ruin all the “principals” of K-Drama.

  4. Eun Sung can have Hwan. I’ll take Jun Se for myself. 😛

  5. but me
    han hyo joo belongs to seo do young(her leading man in spring waltz) they really look good together.
    they have chemistry… really

  6. han hyo joo and lee seung gi gives a perfect chemistry..

    hwan is better for eun sung coz he changed a lot because of her,,

  7. annyeonghseyo ……
    annyong hasimnika??
    for me both of them can have hwan….:):)

  8. addict ako sa pnunuod ng shining inheritance!

  9. ah,,i love Junse’s matureness.. soooooooooooooooooo drowned to him…

    i wish eunsung choose him… because,if i were eunsung, i would definitely choose Junse 🙂

  10. Haha .. I like K’s reply “Eun Sung can have Hwan. I’ll take Jun Se for myself” =D

    I think jun se is much better becos he is good right from the start .. a more stable and predictable person

    I am right now at epi 18. =D

  11. im into Hwan for Eun Sung
    but i feel bad for Jun Se
    he’s hurt, awww, how I wish I can comfort him:)

  12. Just finish the drama, Totally agree, Jun Se is a perfect man. I wish I can meet some one like him. If that person likes me, I definitely say 1000% yes to marry him. lol:). Unfortunately, it is movie, and I don’t think there is any guy like that in the reality.;(.

  13. I’ve only recently started watching kdramas & have seen Princess hours, the Boys Over Flowers anime, Lie to Me, and Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, and most of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. All those other dramas I thought ended fairly but this one ticks me off. Junse should have gotten Eun Sung. But, there is a conventional norm for kdramas, you don’t want to mess things up, do you? Yes, I do. Hwan is so cute, you don’t want to disappoint his fans, do you? Don’t care, the writers should have left the love triangle in the air, then there might have been a season 2.
    I was so addicted to Boys over Flowers that I watched the anime back to back for as many hours as I could put in a day & I read the manga. I see no reason why Shining Inheritance couldn’t go another few innings. I feel like the writers copped out, were forced by advertisers to end the series or something. My biggest gripe is how everybody ends up better off in this drama at the end. Even the wicked stepmother ends up peaceful, tho poor, with her loving daughter beside her. All this and the one who does the most good, the one who literally finds Eun Sung at the beginning at the airport, gives her a place to stay where she meets grandma in disguise, & even gives her a bike to ride to deliver milk, the one who does all this gets ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN RETURN!!! This is a crime and a horror.
    You know what else ticks me off. What really ticks me off is Eun Sung falls in love with Hwan because he basically rapes her. He hurts her by grabbing her hard, forcibly kisses her against her will, and drunkingly barges into her apartment and falls on top of her. In my opinion, these physical interactions are why Eun Sung falls for Hwan. This idea parallels the story with Junse who gives everything to Eun Sung & what does he get? What does he get in the WHOLE DRAMA…? ALL HE GETS IS A HANDSHAKE!!!! A HANDSHAKE!!! Not even a hug. This is so fake & a cop out & makes me mad.
    Wait a minute. I should thought of this right now. Maybe the writer did this on purpose. Think about it. He’s saying don’t ever give people everything or they’ll take advantage of you. The grandma gave her kids everything & they became spoiled. The father gives his wife the insurance money & his life & she becomes evil and spoiled. SungMi gives Hwan everything & he ignores her. See the theme here?
    Now that i see theme, I still don’t care. Junse is the better man, is the savior and basically the cornerstone of this whole plot & he should have gotten a little more than a handshake. P.S. He even saved Grandmas company for Petes sake.

    • Leonard you are sooooo right it’s eerie. sigh. i agree with everything you said 1,000,000,000% i’m on episode 13 but i’ve watched enough kdramas to have predicted what was going to happen. so it wasnt even a spoiler -_______- eunsung and grandmother’s virtues are all about doing the right thing and good people deserve the best in life. but in the end jungse the kindest purest person in the whole series next to eunwoo gets nothing. wtf i get that love is love and you cant help who you want but for the love of god couldn’t they even allow jungse to find love with any one of eunsung’s friends? i mean im sure at least one of them was smitten by him. i sure was. kdramas are really starting to piss me off with their formulaic plots and that goddamn crosswalk ploy!!! people get hit when they walk aimlessly on streets like that. most of them should be dead right now. in fact that would have been a better ending for me. everyone dies except for jungse who gets everyone’s godforsaken inheritance and he and hyeri fall madly in love and live happily ever after–plus they adopt eunwoo and get him a piano. aaahhh what the hell i could just cry about it right now. at least in playful kiss bong joon gu gets that white girl with those sweet sweet words and overall beautiful human beingness! 🙂 ❤ THE GOOD GUY DESERVES LOVE TOO PEOPLE! eunsung, so you're saying you're rewarding hwan who has been lazy all his life and almost singlehandedly ruined your life you're rewarding him for working a little for once in his life to become half of what jungse has been all along just because he did it for you? fck you btch, sorry to say this, but ya should have jumped.

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