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Frozen Flower (Ssang Hwa Jeom)


No wonder the homosexual King played by Joo Jin-Moo is obsessive in love with him to the point that the King actually rejected another man, Seung Gi who offered himself.

  • Title: 쌍화점 (Ssang Hwa Jeom)
  • Title (English): Frozen Flower
  • Genre: Drama, History, Romance (Gay, Bisexual, Heterosexual)
  • Release : December 2008
  • Soundtrack : Ssang Hwa Jeom download at this page


  • Jo In Sung (Memories in Bali) as Chief Commander of Kunryongwe, Hong Lim
  • Joo Jin Moo (200 Pounds Beauty) as King of Goryeo
  • Song Ji Hyo (Goong) as Queen

The King of Goryeo is in love with his chief commander of Kunryongwe, Hong Lim and the Queen keeps her eyes on the relationship between Hong Lim and the King with a reluctant view. Meanwhile, the bilateral relation between Goryeo and the Yuan gets worse as Yuan Kingdom demands to replace the cousin as the new King of Goryeo as the present one do not have a successor. After seriously pondering the issue, the king asks his lover Hong Lim to sleep with the Queen, with unexpected consequences.

My thoughts,
Nice romance historical drama but too many graphic sex scenes. Otherwise, I believe it would have been taken more seriously.

Anyways, Jo In Sung is just perfect as a beautiful, loyal, submissive Hong Lim. No wonder the homosexual King played by Joo Jin-Moo is obsessive in love with him to the point that the King actually rejected another man, Seung Gi who offered himself.

I believe that Hong Lim is not gay. He could be a bisexual or confused heterosexual. One thing for sure is that he is very loyal and a submissive person as he chose not to run away with the Queen. He is also kind and soft-hearted especially to the ones that he cared. For example, requesting the king to forgive his subordinate and also letting the Queen’s brother go.

As for the sex scenes, they were beautifully done.  The sex scenes showed the lusty love feelings of Hong Lim towards the Queen and also the guilty confused feelings when he had for the King. He has uncontrollable “love” and passion with a woman rather than with a man. Although the sex scenes were “kinda” necessary, they were way too long and graphic. They should be kept short, just enough to let the viewers know there is lust and there is love.

No need to show us the karmasutra positions. They actually overshadow the other important scenes and all the viewers could think of was the sex scenes only. That would be a waste. I also believe there should be a scene where the King found out that the Queen has lied to him about the pendant and that pendant was given by his lover Hong Lim. Otherwise, how the heck the King knew and get that pendant hanging outside with the headless maid to trick Hong Lim back to the palace.

Other notable scenes that I like were:-

  • Young Hong Lim answering the King that one who is willing to die for the King. From that moment on, the young King starts to favour him.
  • The King bought a better horse for Hong Lim whereas Hong Lim bought a pendant for the Queen. I wonder Hong Lim ever bought anything for the King and whether his attentiveness to the King were only because of out of respect, loyalty and duty? I believe Hong Lim’s actions towards the Queen was definitiely not out of duty.
  • Hong Lim telling the King that he love the Queen and the King was so shocked that he asked Hong Lim several times.
  • The King’s visit to the castrated Hong Lim in prison
  • Hong Lim realizing his lost of manhood and was deeply saddened by his imperfection not able to be the man for the Queen
  • Hong Lim outside the palace looking at his headless comrades and the pendant together with a headless woman
  • The sword fight between Hong Lim and the King


  • If you could look past the gay/bisexual and the sex scenes, Frozen Flower is actually quite a good romance historical drama
  • Stellar casting. They totally blend into their characters  especially Jo In Sung and Joo Jin Moo. I couldn’t think of any other person who can fit in their roles.
  • Good looking casting. Jo In Sung, Joo Jin Moo and Song Ji Hyo is perfect eye-candies for this romantic movie. Sweet!


  • Sex scenes way too long and graphic.
  • Disconnected story line due to some scenes being cut to make way for sex scenes. Because of that, ratings are not 5/5….



24 thoughts on “Frozen Flower (Ssang Hwa Jeom)

  1. You got it wrong. The pendant was not bought by Hong Lim. It belonged to the Queen, who brought it from Yuan when she first came to Goryeo. Watch the episode again where the King and Queen were enjoying their time out of palace before being attacked by the ?Japanese. Hong Lim first noticed it because the King mentioned it during that time. Later, when Hong Lim saw the same pendant, he was just fingering it because it reminded him of the Queen. The King put the pendant out so that Hong Lim would assume the head belonged to the Queen.
    Anyway, Hong-rim was blinded by lust, which he mistook it for love, that’s what I think. At the most, infatuated by his feelings. There’s no love between him and the Queen; each time they saw each other, they started rutting like animals. The Queen was horny coz she was neglected for so long by the King. Pathetic..It was probably because he never experience dominant sex before (I don’t think a king would let him top?) so when he was exposed to hetero sex, he found it addicting because this time he was the one in control…
    During his dying moments (where the mind is at its utmost clarity & unclouded by worldly thoughts), he finally realized he still loved his king the best. That was why a tear rolled down his cheek as he stared at the dead king, before he breathed his last breath. He was probably sorry that his foolishness & lust had caused them to come to this kind of tragic ending, but now they can be free & together, living in their dreams of riding across the vast plains forever…Finally, you can see a smile of happiness & contentment on Hong Lim’s lips as he watched his Sire riding ahead..THE END

    • This Movie is just PERFECT! I watch it twice with my friends.. it is SO touched and so emotional although the sex scene was like annoying for the whole movie. HONG LIM just threat the queen as a his lust, his real feeling ti just for the king, not for the queen.

      THE SAD THings is, the KING never know that HONG LIM also love him so much.. it is SO SAD. if i were the king.. i would cry to death to find out my bf never LOVE me before. the king was a perefect boyfriend, but he make a big mistake by asking his bf to have sex with the queen(his wife).

      NOTE: Never ever turn to the wrong way.. cos when u found out and regret it.. it is already too late. LIVE for your LIFE.. pray to LORD more.. i believe this gay/bisex life its isn’t easy to go through, BUT I BELIEVE if u control your lust, your desire and your love everything will be fine. and DID NOT GREEDY, Greedy make people become different person. LIFE its too SHORT.. love the people you love to the fullfill and PRAY to lord more, Your life will be very meaningful.

      Ivan. 🙂

    • I just want to point out that the locket after the ambush is different from the one later in the movie. If you pay attention, they are actually a little different, mainly that the beads on the necklace are two different colours (original are red and replacement are yellow). So when the writer above questions why Hong gave the queen a gift and not the king, it’s a pretty good observation.

      But I have to agree with the fact that Hong did love the king. Though the relationship between Hong and the queen is more than just the sex. It is about Hong finding a partner that shows him a gentle love and allowing him to be openly needed in variation to the king’s expectations of Hong being loyal and his on demand as well as to just know he is loved. Anyway, yeah, Hong Lim realised way back when the king came to see him in disguise that he loved the king, but by that point he’d found attachment to the queen (also the same time he bought the locket and was going to get rid of it but decided not to). So in the end, the inevitable death scene was used to force the king to kill Hong, and Hong the king, just so that the mistakes could be righted.

    • It’s amazing how defensive gay people get about this movie for the king. It is ironic that they are as stubborn as the king. Hong Lim finds true love for the first time in his life, the queen and him are deeply in love, despite the lonely gay king. It is impossible for Hong lim to ever love a man, he realizes this when he finds real love. He can’t love the king, never has and never will, because he is not gay. I’m sorry, if like the king, you can’t accept this, cant truly accept that the man has found a woman, and true love.
      The song and the pendant are their secret bond, I feel sorry for anyone who misses the true message of this story.

    • Your gay.

    • I can see that you completely twisted the meaning of the story as you refuse to believe and unable to accept the true fact that Hong Lim actually loves the queen, not the king! Regarding the pendant, YOU got it wrong! the queen originally had a pendant which she brought from yuan, but it was lost during the attack when they were out of the palace. Hong Lim saw a similar one during his rounds outside the palace, when he saw it it reminded him of the queen so he bought it and later gave it to her to replace the one she had lost. Go back and watch the movie THOROUGHLY!

    • Hong Lim truly loves the queen is a TRUE FACT. You don’t get your balls cut off and go back to take revenge on just feelings of lust!

    • the real truth is the king was mistaken between a true love and responsibility of a servant to his king until the Queen entered their life. Hong Lim knows the danger of betrayal but he still risked his life to see her. Which meant he is totally fall in love with the Queen.

  2. Limone,

    I suppose everyone has their own interpretation about Hong Lim’s sexual preference. In my humble opinon, a true gay man would not have lusty feelings towards another woman regardless dominant/submissive positions.

    As for the pendant, I do know that the original pendant belongs to the Queen and not bought by Hong Lim. However, the pendant that hang with the maid, indeed was bought by Hong Lim.


  3. I agree with sunsets. The pendant was indeed a gift from Hong Lim to replace the pendant the Queen lost during the attack. The King never found out, but use it to identify the Queen as it is her treasure from homeland.

    I believe each sex scene between the Queen and Hong Lim showed the development of their passion for each other. Hong Lim, at the start of the film showed as a shy boy that is willing to give his life to the King. Thus the King chose him, because he was willing to do anything to please the King! He was not offered an option not to be the King’s “companion”. Everything he did for the King was an obligation. He did not show any passion for the King, on the other hand, 1. he wanted to gift the pendant to the Queen, 2. he teared when he heard the Queen saying “This is what women back home make for their love ones, I want to be like them.” 3. He asked where is the Queen even after he got castrated. 4. He was devastated when he realized the truth of “he can’t make the Queen happy anymore”. Not to say that he has no feelings to the King, the King is almost like a “GOD” figure to him. He is loyal and grateful, thats why his regretful tears fell after knowing the Queen is still alive. I do not think he was gay though…

    This is my interpretation. *^^*

  4. Hi JC, thanks for clearing up the nagging question in my head on the pendant. Your reason makes perfect sense. The King never found out but use it to identify the Queen because it’s her treasure from homeland.

    I like your point number number 3. The first thing that came to his mind was always the Queen and when he escaped from the prison. He went back because of the Queen for revenge.

    Thanks for visiting.. 🙂

    • The mans heart and soul was awakened by a woman, when he first hears her sing..look at the scene. Yes, the King is his master and he never had true love.

      • Thanks for the beautiful review. I do not believe Hong Lim is gay at all. Absolutely agree with Sunsets, JC and Penguinman’s comments…your words are EXACTLY how I feel about Hong Lim’s love/feelings for the queen, I cannot describe it any better! I can feel that Hong Lim truly loves the queen, it wasn’t just lust. The scene where they met up in the library after she cut her wrist, when he held her hand and said “Im so sorry”,you can feel the hurt and see the tear in his eyes, the tone in his voice…you can really feel his pain for hurting the woman he loves….priceless! If you don’t call this TRUE LOVE, then I don’t know what true love is!
        I do notice that Hong Lim’s heart and soul was awakened when he hears the queen sing the first time when they were out of the palace. He noticed her, glanced at her from behind, listened to her voice as she sings the sad song and had this “understanding” look about him.

  5. can i please have the other soundtracks please…esp gasiri…have been lookin for it all over but cudnt find it

  6. Really nice review. I agree all the way. Jo Insung was awesome in this movie, too.

    For those who are asking for the OST, there isn’t one. You can’t get any of the songs from the movie unless they have either been used in another production, somehow reproduced for an event, or ripped straight from the movie itself.

  7. great reviews! I absolutely agree with you. “They overshadow the other important scenes and all the viewers could think of was the sex scenes only”. If only they cut those unnecessary sex scenes, this movie would be much more beautiful and elegant.

  8. I just adore this movie and was looking everywhere to download the soundtrack, is it possible to share us the link to download all of it?

  9. can anyone post me the lyrics of the song that The queen in this movie sings? I can’t be more grateful!

  10. can someone tell me the name of that music theme which played in sex scenes??? i love that

  11. Thanks for the beautiful review. I do not believe Hong Lim is gay at all. Absolutely agree with Sunsets, JC and Penguinman’s comments…your words are EXACTLY how I feel about Hong Lim’s love/feelings for the queen, I cannot describe it any better! I can feel that Hong Lim truly loves the queen, it wasn’t just lust. The scene where they met up in the library after she cut her wrist, when he held her hand and said “Im so sorry”,you can feel the hurt and see the tear in his eyes, the tone in his voice…you can really feel his pain for hurting the woman he loves….priceless! If you don’t call this TRUE LOVE, then I don’t know what true love is!

  12. After watching the ending of movie a few times, carefully interpret the story, I came to realize that the painting of 2 men hunting in liao dong that the king had painted (of which he originally painted Hong Lim riding behind him) may have a deeper, further meaning behind it. To MY understanding, the king wants Hong Lim to be his companion, to always be there with him, to follow him. BUT, Hong Lim actually suggested that the king change his position from “following behind the king” to “shooting” with him, implying that he preferred to have a CHOICE to hunt for his “prey” ( ie. implying that he would be happier to follow his own heart and hunt for true love), rather than riding behind the king and being subjected to the king’s commands, as he feels the happiness and sense of feeling more fullfilling if he had the freedom to hunt for his own prey – it gives him a more real, lively feeling about his true character. Just a thought.

  13. Queen’s wellbeing is always Hong Lim’s first concern. Even after he got castrated, when his subordinates came to jail to rescue him, the first thing he asked was “where’s the queen? how is she??”, when they reached the temple, and did not see her, he asked “where is the queen?”, you can see the disappointment on his facial expression when he realized his friends lied to him and that the queen did not come. He rushed back to the palace just to save the queen, despite his friends trying so hard to stop him. He was shocked to hear the truth from his friend when the guy said to him “all is lost, what can you do after you bring her here, do you think you can make her happy?” (he was deeply hurt to realize his imperfection, his lost of manhood and not able to be the man for the queen). When HL thought the king had killed the queen, he went back to take revenge.

    At the fighting scene the king roared out to him “was love so important?!” (this suggests that the king has finally accepted the hurtful truth of HL loving the queen)- HL answered the king “You led me to FEEL LOVE”…”I cant be more grateful”- Hong Lim once again indirectly confirms that LOVE is what he feels for the queen.
    For those who thinks that lust is only what HL feels for the queen, I feel sorry that you did not get the true meaning of the story. HL would not come back to take revenge for the queen AFTER he gets castrated on just feelings of lust!
    The scene where the queen entered the room to see Hong Lim lying on the floor, Hong Lim looked up and sees the queen still alive, he looks at the queen as she was being pushed away by the guards. If pay attention and look closely, you can see a tear drop falling from Hong Lim’s right eye as her figure disappear from his sight (this is something which A LOT OF PEOPLE MISSED because of the position Hong Lim was lying as the tear fell from his RIGHT EYE), he then turns his head over to the king’s body, looked at him in the eye and shed another tear.
    Hong Lim’s falling tears for each person, is a non-verbal expression of his LOVE FOR THE QUEEN, and also a DEEP, SINCERE APOLOGY TO THE KING. The tear that was fallen for the queen is an expression of him wanting to say “Im sorry for leaving you behind, my love. Please stay strong ang live for our child”. The tear that Hong Lim shed for the king after he realized the king had not killed the queen, is an expression of him wanting to say ” Thankyou sire, for sparing the queen’s life. Please forgive me for my foolishness. I shall seek your forgiveness in death.”

    Love (for the queen) and loyalty (to the king) are both equally important to Hong Lim- it’s what he lived for and died for.
    A FROZEN FLOWER is a truely, heart wrenching love story filled with passion and heart. 😥

  14. Hey everyone,i would like to write down my opinion about this movie,i agree with Apple,Sunsets,Penguinman’s comments and reviews!
    Hong Lim’s been serving the king at the young age.He is loyal to the King like god and served him well.But then the king had eyes on the young Hong Lim.Became the favored one and envied by the second in command soldier.In my own understading,the Queen and HL fell in love eventually,as you can see the Queen is a virgin,yeah she is married to the king but the king said “i cant take a woman”,so the queen remains untouched.And so on their first night,the Queen is scared to be touched and taken by the man she despised (she said she despised Hong Lim because the king had his eyes for HL and not for her).HL is also scared on their first night because its his very first time to be with a woman.He was even waiting for the king to interrupt them but then nothing happened on their first night,right!So the second night,just to obey the King’s order he took the Queen without further ado!Thats then where it all started.The blossoming love came out naturally!HL thought the queen is dead along with their unborn child,for me he killed the King to stop all his madness,its better to Kill him by his own hands,the king have changed a lot,turned into a blood lust monster and killing his soldiers and everyone who knows about the pregnancy of the queen and the real father of the baby.The King may have stabbed HL but doesnt have an intention to kill him cause he still hoping that HL would come back to him,nothing matters to the king,he is even willing to give up his whole kingdom for HL.When HL said that he loves the Queen,he said it to save the Queen’s life and the unborn child thats why he is willing to die but he never perceived to be castrated.The King had been so selfish,he wants HL by himself and clouded with jealousy.When HL saw the queen at his last moments,he is relieved to see her alive,i think he is proud too that he is actually able to become a father.He turned to the king,that despite all the foolishness and pain he gave him,the king still spared the queen’s life!He is grateful,the King trully loves HL.

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