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Compatibility Analysis – Jun Jin x Lee Si Young

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I never thought Jun Jin and Si Young would became a real couple because I thought they were acting in WGM. After all, they acted in a few dramas before and can be considered as good actors to me personally.

However, I’m even more surprised that Si Young is actually only 2 years younger than Jun Jin! I thought she must be at least 5-8 years younger than him. She looks so young! Anyways, here is the compatibility analysis, purely for fun….

Compatibility Analysis:
It is love-at-first-sight, great passion. The sexual attraction is intense and insistent. They want to see and touch each other as much as possible. Their sexual relationship evolves with time, instead of dissolves.They share their dreams with a sense of freedom.

Because of the Opposition Sun (Si Young) and Mars (Jun Jin) , this couple will have frequent disputes. Finding it impossible to speak calmly, they will always be aggressive towards each other. Conflict is caused because they both want to dominate the other. The man is the type who lays down the law, gives orders, makes decisions and the woman is independent type, who cannot stand being limited, taking orders – the more so from her partner. If they part, it is close to impossible to stay friends.

However they have three postive Trine i.e Sun-Sun, Venus-Venus and Sun-Neptune.  It shows there is a level of forgiveness and mercy in the chemistry between them. They don’t easily offend each other and instinctively understand what makes the other person happy. Conflicts may arise especially on intellectual misunderstandings and diametrically opposed tastes. But tolerance that exists between them would overcome this conflicts. Jun Jin brings dream to Si Young, who lacks them, and Si Young bring common sense to Jun Jin, who is totally without it.

In short,
Very good aspect for a favourable union. Love, gaiety and understanding.  Although a life together can be very challenging at times on an intellectual level, there is an overall understanding and they support one another at the end of the day.

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