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Zettai Kareshi Returns SP [Spoilers]


I just finished watching Zettai Kareshi ~Kanzen Muketsu no Koibito Robot. I realised how much I’ve missed the drama and I cried again. I can’t say I was too disappointed with the ending, just that Nighto died for the second time is rather too much and just too sad for me. *sniff sniff* “Why am I a robot? ” his words pierced through my heart. Despite its sad ending, this special is still sugoi to me personally unlike most drama specials that has wayy too many flashbacks. Zettai Kareshi flashback is just nice and necessary. Plus, Hayami Mokomichi rocks! He played Nighto to the perfection…

Some of my favourite and also sad moments…

Cute airport scene,
Riiko still call Soushi as “manager” even though they already engaged..

Soushi : Can we talk casually? I am not a manager anymore..
Riiko : Yeah, but I have no idea how to address you
Soushi : You can call my name
Riiko : Soushi… πŸ™‚

Resurrected Nighto without any past memory…


Nighto : Riiko is my cup of tea. Cute Riiko. I love you, Riiko
Rikko : You said that because you were programmed to?
Nighto : Yes

Riiko indecisiveness on Nighto overheard by Soushi

Friend : You intended to spend your life with him (Nighto). You couldn’t give in so easily. Moreover, probably you can make him return to its original state if you give her the chip.
Riiko nodded yes in agreement
Friend : What do you want to do?
Riiko : What to do? I also don’t know. Too many events happened. I was thinking about him when I was in Paris. If Nighto is still alive, what do I want to do with him.. I want to do something for him…
[ Soushi overhearing this conversation… walked away…]

Nighto regained his memory.. and he is so human…
nighto riiko
Riiko : Do you still remember this scarf?

Nighto : Yes…

Riiko : The person who was abandoned, suffered the most. Although I want to forget about it,Β  I cannot. 3 years has passed and you still have not changed. Do you know that… I felt lonely at that time.

Nighto:Β  Me too.. I cannot be separated from you but I know my life will end soon at that time, otherwise I won’t leave you.. I always want to stay by your side. Can we go back? Back to that day 3 years ago? Start again…



{{{ HUGS }}}

Nighto: I want to protect you forever… I’m born to love you…

Faraway…. Soushi saw the hugs and walk away…

Nighto and Soushi..

Nighto : Soushi-san, we haven’t meet for a long time…
Soushi : It seem that you have recovered..
Nighto : Yes, I remembered everything. I remembered the letter I gave you
Soushi : Is that so…
Nighto : I asked you to take care of Riiko at that time because I know I will stop functioning and can’t give her happiness. I know you are protecting her these last 3 years. I know about the engagement too. But I still want to protect Riiko. This time I will make Riiko happy..
Soushi grabbed Night and muttered, I understand…

Nighto recalling Soushi dad’s and Nanase’s words…

Soushi Dad’s words, “These many things you should handle with great care and let the children inherit them. This is the happiness of human. The proof of existence.”

Nanase’s words, “I am a robot even if I have self-awareness. I can’t replace Jun whom you love.Β  I can’t grow old together with you.Β  I can’t build happy family with you..

Soushi act cheerful in front of Riiko but deep down he is feeling very sad 😦


Why am I a robot?…
Nighto : Namakiri-san, I have something to talk to you
Namakiri : Why so serious?…
Nighto : Why am I a robot?….
(long silence)
Namakiri : Oi!!.. You are a robot but you have a warm heart. You resemble a human than human himself. That’s why you can love a person.
Nighto : Can I build a family? I won’t grow old. I will love Riiko with this face in the future. I can’t change because I am a Robot. I can’t stay together with Riiko. Namakiri-san… Erase me from this world.
Namakiri : What?!!
Nighto : Destroy me completely
Namakiri : What are you talking about? I can’t do it.
Nighto : I am a robot, a robot produced to love Riiko.. The love for Riiko makes me suffer. Destroy…… me.
Namakiri: You decide it?
Nighto: Yes… this is also for the sake of Riiko

Sayonara Scene ( *sniff sniff*)

Nighto: Riiko, sorry…. I can’t stay by Riiko’s side

Riiko : You can’t cook for me anymore?
You can’t fetch me home anymore? (Nighto nodded yes)
You can’t protect me anymore? (Nighto replied sorry)


Riiko : (Not looking directly into Nighto’s eyes) It’s okay… I will be okay without Nighto

Nighto : I love Riiko

Riiko : What you said just now, izzit set by the program?

Nighto : Yes, I will support Riiko no matter what.

Riiko : This is set by the program too?

Nighto smiles…Β  said, “Thank you…. Good Bye…” He got up and walk away…..


Riiko ran after him …. and give him a kiss…


Nighto turn her body away and gave her a gentle push….

Riiko walk away slowly… teary-eyed saying, “Goodbye, Nighto”….


Nighto looked at her back, in tears……..


26 thoughts on “Zettai Kareshi Returns SP [Spoilers]

  1. thanks for the recaps whilst i’m waiting for the english subs.

    nighto kun rocks! ^_^

  2. Arigatou to (I found it) for sharing the news that the english-subs is out online… especially good news for those who’s waiting for it…

    gairwyn.. just stamping the sugoi-ness of my fave movie in this blog. thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

  3. i’ve finished watched the sp yesterday… and i cried a bucket of tears..T__T…..wished that nighto can become a human…

  4. thnx for reviewing πŸ™‚ i wanted to know why the hell they make a special for. It seem to me as just a shorten version of the drama. -.-
    no offense here. but i didn’t really like the drama. Hayami Mokomichi is the only motivation i watch. Hahas…

  5. i am so confused by the ending of the special… so did riiko get back together with soushi? … or are they just “boss” and employee again… cause if so, that is really sad.

    poor soushi T___T

  6. adyni… sigh! wish nighto becomes a human too physical-wise. mental-wise nighto has become a human and that aches him to realise that he is a robot. 😦

    no offense taken juan. i actually like the special even though my heart breaks for the second time in the row. can’t get enough of nighto and hayami mokomichi πŸ˜‰

    yes celery… looks like riiko got back together with soushi πŸ™‚

  7. I have to pull tears again, two veses followed? T_T

  8. Last night i was watch this SP Zettai Kareshi. its touching ^^v. Sugoi~

  9. why is the ending so sad?
    I was hoping for a gd ending since it was special.In the end he died again? They oso didnt show him being scrapped off. Maybe there’s a second special? Cos a hint of real tears coming out frm a robot’s eye, maybe miraculously, he eventually became a real human in the end. Then that would really be a sweet ending.

  10. Personally, I don’t understand what the Special was for. This could have been the more appropriate ending to the series last year if they were very much after giving Riiko and Nighto a closure. Then what was that?!? The robot shed tears? C’mon! It’s supposed to be the ending, right? Then why the cliffhanger again? I thought the Special was supposed to be an alternate ending to the original ending (Riiko and Soushi together)… I thought they were going for Nighto and Riiko together this time. Jeez! It’s made it even more sad… Boohoo. BTW, what’s Hayami Mokomichi up to now? Any idea anyone? I miss him in dramas. Oh! My Girl! wasn’t as good as Zettai Kareshi!

  11. zettai kareshi SP got how many episode?

    so shy 2 tell that i jz finished watch Zettai Kareshi drama….

    n i reli reli faliing in love then i search online, then jz found out this drama aldry got SP!

  12. Hello everyone… thanks for dropping by… πŸ˜‰

    twinkljiawenni, at first i was extremely sad with the ending but now that I look at the bright side, it’s a good thing for our dear Moco. If it’s a happy ending, i believe it’s more light-hearted, the role is less meatier and dramatic for him. Ya know, he did it brilliantly. His words, his facial expressions, his actions left a deep impression to me. Truly unforgettable! Wish dear Moco got himself into more movies and drama…. πŸ˜‰

    Michiko, better late than never πŸ˜‰ FYI, SP is like a movie version, which is less than 2 hours I believe. Enjoy…..

  13. I love HM ❀ not too fond of the girl who plays Riko but still love HY XD

  14. This episode made me cry too. It ended wonderfully, and how it should. I always felt Rikko should be with Soushi, because he is human after all. But then Nighto is always so sweet, and is always there to love and protect her. That’s why this drama is so heart stirring!

    I watched the drama two summers ago, so seeing this SP brings back memories. I love SP episodes. Often times, adding a second season to a series just kills it, because it just drags on the plot. An SP gives a nice ending for fans who just want one more glimpse of the series before saying good-bye.

  15. Oh! Sorry… “Rikko” is actually spelt “Riiko”. Typo <(^_^).

  16. γ•γŠγ‚Š, no worries about the typo πŸ™‚ btw, I love the way you put it – heart strirring indeed πŸ˜‰ Cheers!

  17. TT_TT when i saw Night crying i srsly wanted to burst out crying I love mokomichi alot in this drama =] This is def. in my Top 5 Drama list.

  18. sad..T__T
    wish that nighto can be a human..
    however,frm the start i am quite support riiko with her chief together.they’re quite matching! sad..nighto loves her very is his next life?

  19. hai anyone have the link for this dorama
    saknyuuu πŸ™‚

  20. hi mate, happy holiday and i enjoy my time here.

  21. everyone can feel how many love can we spend for the dearest person. just like naito and riiko. but we can’t know how long can we stay together with the dearest person.

    so, don’t waste our time to love. reach the true love without hurt the other….:)

  22. I got it from
    Seems cooler to download it ^^ plus the links don’t expire…
    It was sooo sad! I wish she could’ve stayed with Night, although it seems a bit impossible 😦 😦 I liked him better than Soshi, the actor as well!

  23. The only good ending I can come up with now is that both Night and Riiko will reincarnate and both be human so they can love each other. It really seems impossible for a human to be with a robot and I don’t think it’s possible for a robot to become a human physically and if that happens when one of them dies it’ll still be sad. Maybe Riiko getting into an accident and becoming a robot or something like that can work too. I’ll be thinking up other possibilities because I can’t accept them not being together even though I understand that one’s a robot and the other’s human, but there can still be ways around that.

  24. The Special really disappointed me… I mean, certainly one can’t stay with a robot in real life, but… I believe it SHOULD in a fictional world. 😦 Isn’t imagination the realm of the impossible? If impossible/improbable things can’t happen in imagination/fiction, what other space is left to dreams?

    In my stories, robots end up with their loved ones, no matter if human or alien or else. At least in imagination, they have a right to love and be loved. 😦


    ~ Luana S.

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