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Compatibility Analysis – Hyun Joong x Hwang Bo


Compatibility Analysis:  Great passionate affair, intense and transforming. They feel that the relationship forces them

HyunJoong HwangBuin

This is purely for fun and my own curiosity entertainment.
Love this SangChoo Couple in We Got Married. My heart goes out to Hwang Bo, wish you lifelong happiness!!

Check out Hyun Joong’s compatibility analysis with Hyori and Hye Sun too 😉

New (Updated 11 Dec 2009) –
Compatibility Analysis DBSK U-Know Yunho x Hwang Bo

Compatibility Analysis:
Great passionate affair, intense and transforming. They feel that the relationship forces them to grow. They sometimes encourage impracticality in one another. They often feel let down with one another, usually because each wants very much to please the other, but it is hard to fulfill all the promises that are made to one another.

While they get on well in the beginning, sharing the same ideas and tastes, with the years their ideas change and they do not develop in the same way. As the relationship lost its innocence, the Venus Opposition in Hwang Bo without a doubt is the only one still in love. Hyun Joong might be unfaithful or might feel forced to lie in order to keep Hwang Bo happy.

The Uranus trine in Hyun Joong may resist marriage to Sun trine in Hwang Bo, at least on a formal level. Therefore, the relationship works better when the bond is not formalized, simply for the sake of his sense of freedom.
Such a union is unlikely to last, but if it does, there are a lot of hurt feelings and stormy confrontations.

In short,
At the beginning, they will appreciate each other, and will have pleasure in being together but, quite quickly, this life will become unbearable with disputes, conflicts and crying replacing love.

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15 thoughts on “Compatibility Analysis – Hyun Joong x Hwang Bo

  1. Hi! May I know the website where I can watch the episode of We Got Married. I really admire Kim Hyun Joong. Can you send it to my email?

  2. Hi Lyrrech, I watched We Got Married over at

    Enjoy… you gonna love this couple! 😉

  3. love, love, love, absolutely love this couple. Laughed so much watching them. Hope they are still in touch and friends.

  4. you can watch it at or

  5. Wow. This test is so true. I’ve watched WGM with Hwangbo and Hyun Joong and this defines their character and relationship accurately.

  6. Angela, I missed watching this couple in WGM.. sigh!!

    Rainbow, i’m not sure if it’s accurate in real life but nevertheless it was a fun analysis for me…. thanks for visiting 😉

  7. hmmm for me i dont like hwang bo for hyun joong no offense peace..
    this is only my opinion and i don’t see hwang bo is beautiful..hahaha

    hmmm sorry to all fans of jung bo i just want to express my feelings about this..

  8. have to watch wgm to discover how beautiful hwang bo truly is. she might not be the one you’d pick first among a line of women, but she’s definitely the one you’d want to be with till the end. for me, she’s the most beautiful role model. love ssangchu…jjang! ^^

  9. i think hwang bo and hyun joong are perfect for each other….

  10. hi! can you make compatibility test for hwangbo /yhuno?

  11. I’ve watched the Sangchoo couple and I think they look good together. I fel bad when they ‘parted ways.’

    • Asian Craze, I feel bad and sad too when this couple went separate ways in WGM. However, come to think of it now, I believe they gained something from this relationship. I see that Hyun Joong has become less reserved with strangers. As for Hwang Bo, I wish I could see more of her. I hope she is emotionally stronger inside cos she only looks or ACTS tough and strong on the outside. She is actually quite fragile with all that woman vulnerabilities and insecurities. She gotta love herself…

  12. I agree you guess about JoongBo, But Yunho is wrong. if Yunho try to open his heart, Nothing can hurt their love.

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