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Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Hyori


Hyori KHJ

They would make an awesome couple in real life despite their 7 years age difference. Unfortunately, I doubt that Hyori would seriously consider Hyun Joong as her other half, more like a close buddy.

Taken from AsianFanatics, Translated by KPCulture

IS: Is there an actress you’d like to star opposite?
KHJ: Lee Hyori nuna. She was my ideal woman before I debuted as a singer, and following my debut, she is a senior I’m grateful to for giving me a lot of counsel. I want to show Hyori nuna that I’ve grown enough to work on something together with her.

If they can’t be a real couple, it would be great if they have a hot dance duet together or perhaps a single from SS501 feat Hyori. May Hyun Joong-ssi desire come true ne… He definitely like her alot, big smile and had his eyes on her when he dance for Hyori here,  looking so very happy like a lil puppy…. Check out the video, love the way he flip his hair flirtatiously 😛

Check out their Love Compatibility Analysis here


video credits to Donghaelove88

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11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Hyori

  1. Hi! I enjoyed it ! ^^
    I didn’t know we had a community who are interested in F4, here in our word press! Thanks for your interests in our friends. I posted something about one of them yesterday. Feel free to visit!


  2. Yeah…. F4 is really hawt… can’t resist them especially Hyun Joong this time… 🙂

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    Thanks. ^_^


  4. yeah, sure openhighway…. any free publicity or promotion for my favorite idol would be great!!… 🙂

  5. im jealous

    im hurt…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. they’d make a cute couple but hyori wont date pretty boys haha~

  7. i don’t agree.

    i like you to be jung so min’s bf

  8. me parece muy mallllllll ella no es para el merece un chica mucho mejoorrr aparte son varios años de diferenciaaaaaaaaaaa 😦

  9. i want jung so min to be your gf

  10. kim hyun joong i love you !!

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