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Zeni Geba Final Episode

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I have just finished watching the last episode of Zeni Gaba. The ending was not something I’ve expected or desired but I’m glad I bought its DVD this afternoon. Definitely for keeps. The final words from Futarou stab me in my stomach, a frightening truth about us human beings truly… There is no rose-tinted glasses through his eyes… sadly, sigh!~~


[Spoilers ahead, select to read]  I believe that deep inside his heart he actually wished that his life turned out differently, thus projecting a fairy-tale happy life in his thoughts whilst waiting for his suicidal death with lighted dynamites wrapping around his stomach..  His fairy-tale wishful thoughts got me all fuzzy inside especially the scenes as below…

  • his school days are happy, nobody bully him.. hanging out with his school-buddies in his baseball cap and attire, without any problem going to Disneyland
  • happy home, caring dad playing baseball with him consoling him, mom having medicine, mom having surgery and survived
  • he found a wallet and informed the neighbour brother (whom he first killed because of a wallet he took from a drunkard)
  • he got accepted in the university (or college?) , his meeting with akane-chan and the friend who killed shot himself in his head.
  • The person whom he murdered from his work-place is doing well, a supervisor in his part-time job
  • his outgoing personality (compared to his sombre quiet personality) when he goes to cutesy family small restaurant
  • Miduri guy friend whom he killed in the park is a normal salary-man and not a rich boy
  • Him and Akane in the boat… Sweet… Then, boom! his thought zoom back to reality, Akane hung herself
  • his meeting proposal with Akane’s dad and the almond cookies
  • his good relationship with Miduri
  • his first salary and spending it drinking beer with his dad, his dad’s wise words that money is not important but Love and Frienship is..
  • His wedding and the way Kenichi looked happy at his parents so loving with each other, his mom adjusting his dad’s tie, sigh!
  • him rushing to hospital, and everyone in the family waiting… him and akane’s first born!! tiny lil cute baby holding his finger….
  • him going to work in the morning, waving goodbyes to his child and his wife… happy family…

The life he never had…

I like the ending, his death puts him out of his misery… and more realistic too than my desired ending of wanting him to find love, to be “cured” by love with either Mikuni sisters, proving to him that he is wrong, all wrong about people and money. Errmm, his final words prove me wrong.


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