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12th Nikkan Sports Drama (Winter 2009 Drama)

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Congrats to Kame and his winter drama (Kami no Shizuku) for winning the best actor. I’m kinda regret for not watching my fave crush Kame’s drama. His drama swept the most awards.  I don’t understand why Mei-Chan is not in the top 5?!!.

Anyways, since I don’t have the chance to vote in the Nikkan Sports magazine (cos not available in my country 😦 ), my pick as below.

Best Drama:
Winner – Kami no Shizuku
Me pick – Zeni Geba and Mei-Chan no Shitsuji cos these are the only dramas that kept me interested,wanting for more, continue watching.  I stopped the other dramas after few episodes to make way for Korean BBF and Taiwan Meteor Garden.. 😛

Best Actor:
Winner – Kazuya Kamenashi
Me pickKenichi Matsuyama. (Zeni-Geba) I salute, admire and respect him…

Best Actress:
Winner – Miho Kanno (Kiina)
Me pick – Nana Eikura (Mei-Chan no Shitsuji) for her bravery to cut her hair really shot and still looks cute.

Best Supporting Actor:
Winner – Seiichi Tanabe (Kami no Shizuku)
Me pick – Takeru Sato (Mei-Chan) and Ikuta Toma(Voice) and Shiina Kippei (Zeni Geba) .

Best Supporting Actress:
Winner – Riisa Naka(Kami no Shizuku)
Me pick – Mimura (Zeni Geba)

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