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Which F4 is your ideal man?


Do check out Shannen’s blog HERE!! Entertaining quiz she has there. According to her quiz, my most ideal F4 Prince Charming is…. Rui!! Haha, not Domyouji but I’m not disappointed cos Domyouji is perfect only with Makino… 😛




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6 thoughts on “Which F4 is your ideal man?

  1. c kim hyun joong he is cute…..

  2. he look like a charming prince from the fair tale with the white horse looking for his princess

  3. Oguri Shun aka Hanazawa Rui is still the winner for me. ❤

  4. kim kyun joong he is super cute and hot

  5. Kim Joon, because he is really handsome and nice. Kim Joon fighting well…

  6. hay por favor obvio que mi hermoso kim hyun joong..mia mor te amooo…! es bello

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