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Rhito vs Kento


Rhito is melting me but I’m starting to like Kento too… I’m feeling Kento’s unrequited painful love for Mei-Chan, sigh! Kento follows and fights for his love. Rhito’s on the hand is way gorgeous than Kento but he is so cowardly in love matters. Rhito is definitely a true butler in his blood, a  submissive person in most matters.

I know this drama is fun, entertaining and all that. I wonder how all these butlers would feel if their mistresses got married one day. Will they be “happily” staying by her side, serving her whilst the real man (husband) is by her side too? I wonder too much 😛 I also wonder what happen to Mei-Chan’s mom butler….

Anyways, my pick is Neither for both Rhito and Kento’s sake and future happiness 😛 But if this is not butler-mistress thingy, my pick has to Hiro Mizushima!! 😛

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6 thoughts on “Rhito vs Kento

  1. Rihito, obviously,

  2. why isnt there a both option? :PP

  3. Ahahahaha…. greedy girl 😛

  4. yeah..i want both..

  5. WTF?? I’m so confused! Yes, I’ve only watched the drama so I’m basing my opinions solely on the drama. but anyways-
    He fell in love with her because he ran away from Shiori and stalked her from afar?
    Yes there’s obviously more to that but….
    … but is there really? I’ve put it bluntly, but isn’t that basically it?
    Not to mention about 3 times when she’s been in danger he’s been running around elsewhere on campus searching for her while Kento’s always been there for her.. and he, Kento, loves Mei for who she is, not what she’s trying to become.
    In the drama, Kento has 99% more personality than Rihito… who just does what he’s told and can’t even win a fight unless he’s told to.

    Please someonee tell me why everyone is soo obsessed with him?? (besides for his dashing looks, obviously)

  6. Cassie girl..u definitely got the point … ^^

    But to think of it again.. i’d pick Rihito for my butler (bcoz he’s good at it ).. n Kento as my bf ha3..

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