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Boys Before Flowers, HYD, Meteor Garden [POLLs]


Grrrreat effort from the Korean Production. Matsujun, I still love you but I can’t help falling for Lee Min Ho and opps Kim Hyun Joong too *blush blush* Honestly speaking, I watched Korean HYD with a biased mind to find any irksome with it, but alas I become hooked, in the chain of love with the drama instead. I believe I will continue watching it without fail, unlike the other Korean dramas like East of Eden, Coffee Prince and etc. which I have stopped half-way.

The only Domyouji, Makino and Rui that I ever know was the Japanese version. I did not watch the Taiwanese version because way back younger, I was kinda stubborn and rebel not to watch any dramas that my mom like. Strange but true.  Haha. I wonder anyone have this kind of strange crazy attitude. Thankfully my mom never consider watching any Japanese movie or drama, otherwise I would miss so much. Anyway, perhaps I should give Meteor Garden a chance when I have some time.

Anyway, back to Japanese HYD, I love its first season but irritated of its second season and tired waiting for its final installment movie. When it’s finally here, no longer appealing and thus haven’t watch the final movie version yet. As for Korean one, I just can’t stop..  no sign of irritation yet, in fact I fall deeply in love with Korean adaptation, especially three main characters – Domyouji, Rui and Makino…..

Matsujun vs Lee Min Ho vs Jerry Yan


I love the way Matsujun’s Domyouji asked Makino out for their first date in the cafeteria and it remain as my most favourite and unforgettable scene. In Korean version, Lee Min Ho’s way is kinda bland and disappointing.  There is something lacking which I can’t put in words. Matsujun delivered with so much ooomph in that scene. Great protrayal as a very cool, arrogant, eogistic, proud (face-wanting) guy forcing himself out from his comfort zone to ask a gal out in a public place, which makes me laugh so hard. Lee Min Ho’s  character in BBF actually reminds me of Mike He‘s devilish and childish character in Devil Beside You and Why Why Love.  The way he acts…. until he kiss and that brought me back to reality that he is not Mike He, haha…. I suppose HYD, BBF (not sure about Meteor Garden) are all Children-Rated drama. So, we won’t see any deep sensual kiss. Matsujun is a good kisser in his other movies 😉 but not in HYD. Anyways, Lee Min Ho is super-gorgeous with beautiful body. He makes me smile like a mad woman, I can’t keep my eyes off him 😛 However, the winner has to be Matsujun….. me his die-hard fan for many years plus he was not a newbie or fresh actor in HYD,  relying on his good acting skills and not his (lack-of ) looks.

Oguri Shun vs Kim Hyun Joong vs Vic Zhou


Oguri Shun is very manly man compare to Hyun Joong and Vic Zhou.  He is also a good kisser in HYD but not with Makino. Strange! Anyways, his protrayal was kinda too cool for my taste. I have always wanted or waited for something more, something dramatic, heart wrenching from Oguri Shun to really really pursue Makino. But it did not happen what I wanted.  I don’t feel any love from him towards Makino but merely perhaps fascination? When he showed some interest in Makino, it builds up a little tension but die off really quickly,  cold and disappointing. Sort of like a quickie to me. :S Perhaps its the HYD storyline thingy. However, for the Korean version…… I loved it, so much suspense 😉 plus Hyun Joong is really beautiful, a mixture of Bae Yong-Joon and Yamapi… So, the winner is Hyun Joong. based on the storyline and of course his lovey dovey puppy, please love me looks… 😉

Inoue Mao vs Koo Hye Sun vs  Barbie Hsu


I’m a fan of Inoue Mao since HYD. Watched most of her movies,  especially love Gegege no Kitaro (love the song! will post it one day) and other dramas since. So, don’t get wrong for choosing Hye Sun as the winner. This is the first time I watch her and she makes Mao’s Makino kinda bland.. opps, don’t kill me… 😛 Hey Sun is so much expressive like Matsujun, almost like cartoon… plus I give her props for being brave to wear that ridiculous wonder woman suit…. I simply love her!… love watching her act…. I can’t help thinking that she is also perfect for Itazura na Kiss role, Korean version… hehe 😉 This girl has so much potential…. she has the looks too… looking forward to her future roles….

As for the other 2 Flower boys, I prefered the Japanese version. Matsuda Shota and Abe Tsuyoshi are manly man good looking and better actors than BBF’s Kim Bum and Kim Joon. Kim Bum’s smile looks like a dorky smirk most of the time and does not look like Mr Casanova to me. Kim Joon is invisible pretty guy. At least I notice Abe and he acts his one-dimensional character full-out. Matsuda Shota is always impressive and belieavable as Mr Player.

As for the taiwanese ones, I’m not too sure but I planned to watch it soon whilst I’m still hot with the F4s or should I say BBF’s F2s… 😛

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47 thoughts on “Boys Before Flowers, HYD, Meteor Garden [POLLs]

  1. i highly recommend it to you to watch “meteor garden” started it all. for sure you’ll be hook also. this is the first version that i watched. even though its a low budget series not to mention the actors are mostly newbies but great acting & director. that’s why it’s so popular in asia( back then)

  2. Okies ronoele, I’m gonna watch it real soon. Better late than never 😉 Cheers….

  3. I did watch meteor garden, about 4 months ago and I really didn’t like it that much…I fast foward so many scenes…the two leads were ok but I felt no chemistry..barbie Xu character spend almost the entire series trying to find out if she loved Jerry Jan’s character….it was until almost the last 4 episodes that she agrees to go out with him….the F4 were ok but not much story behind them, and Rui’s characters seemed to me like a ghost always never a real threat between the main characters……Korean Version loving it ….JVersion like it…..

  4. hi arivle, thanks for the headsup. I have a feeling about that too after watching 2 episodes… Anyhow, I like Vic Zhou in his recent dramas… In MG, he look so fresh and young!! I like the older him better…..


  6. hmmm…. looks like most prefer the korean version

  7. i like boys b4 flower korean version
    i think lee min ho is perfect domyoji in hana yori dango comic more than jerry yan n jun matsumoto
    lee min ho are young,tall,cool,mysterious,cute and hansome boy…he is verry suitable to become domyoji tsukasa
    sarangheyo lee min ho ^^

  8. i’ll luv HYD more than meteor garden and boys b4 flower…I i think HYD id more dramatic and how the actors and actress express their feeling is so good…the storyline is awesome…I dislike Jandi character since she’s so depending on Ji hoo compared to Makino which independent enough.Rui in HYD is so cool…and KIm Bum in BBF is so sweet …Gaeeul also there are sweet couple compared to other version..

    – I dont judge story only based on the actor and actress only.I’ll luv to see the whole storyline and how they express it..

    Every1 have their own opinion isnt?? ^^

    after all I like all 3 version have their own personality..

  9. I love BOF but still, no version can beat HYD.

  10. Totally agree with eiwa and ana-san. HYD is the best. It is funnier but deeper. Matsujun, shun oguri, inoue mao are the best for the role.
    But i also like kimbum. He is so cute..

  11. i love HYD the best among BBF and MG,ji hoo in BBF the make up is too girly,Junpyo is too quiet and silence,never argue his mom,jan di is the worst of all.
    domyoji and makino is cute.. tao ming shi and san chai,not bad,coz i watch it as the first version among the 3 versions. for overall rank :HYD-BBF-MG

  12. For me, METEOR GARDEN is the best. BBF is rather good but I don’t like the flow of the story and I think Jun Pyoo is overacting and the F4 in BBF do not have the chemistry as well ..

  13. Meter Garden is still the best for me..!!!!!

  14. i recommend meteor garden….they started it all…..

    whenever u think about F4 the first thing u will remember was the meteor garden whether there are other versions coming out….its a stigma….

    the fierce daoming si
    the quiet huaze lei
    the cutie mei zou
    the hotee ximen

    and the pretty san chai….

    they are good in acting…..even if they are new faces that time….
    and they become really popular and unbeatable….and very professional actors.

  15. meteor garden… word can explain the impact they created.
    they are so popular here in the philippines….bbf…no chemistry at all…they make the story exaggerated..and i dont know but the gu jun pyo’s face…has a similar features to jerry yan…i think he had gone plastic surgery to have similarities to jerry..
    and the lei in meteor garden was really cute …as if he was the living manga….i love vic zhou.

  16. ev en though the poll here is not in accordance to my will guess its kinda true because the Korean version is also god but I guess the TAIWANESE version started it all up to now so my votes are for them and I guess they have more realistic plot without exaggerating too much the scenes etc.

    up to now for me the only F4 is Jerry, Vic, Vaness and Ken… 🙂

  17. K version just copy too much scenes from J version
    u can read the manga n u’ll find out
    the opening of BBF is following J version with one student who get the red tags.
    and still more that K version copy from J version
    c’mon… u can’t be more creatives
    it’s no use to me even K version have gud looking than J version
    Japan has the best acting, the best chemistry, n the best story
    sorry that’s my own opinion



  19. HYD is still d best..!!!!!

    Is the best ..
    tommorow .. yesterday .. and forever ..
    specially love for KIM HYUN JOONG and KIM BUM
    and F4 of course ..

  21. i go for HYD. honestly, i think hye-sun made jan di very boring. and she shouts A LOT. you know, that part when they were trapped in the balcony thingy in BOF? ugh, she makes the situation worse. and it seemed like they (K version) totally changed the main story, like about how makino’s parents were working hard so that she could go to eitoku. i mean, that just makes the whole story different right? and plus, ji hoo , seems gay :)) no offense people.

    meteor garden is nice also but at that time when it was popular here, i was still young so i wasn’t really interested much. but i think it’s good :))

    the K version is okay. the “rich” status was really there. you could really see that they put efforts into the background.

    OGURI SHUN is the best rui for me :)) *fangirl alert* i totally loves how he carries his role and :)) he is really cute ^^^^^^ wah *drool*

    these are my rankings.
    1)Hana Yori Dango
    2)Boys Before Flowers
    3) Meteor Garden

    • yeah.. so true..!! hanazawa rui is so cool..!! HANA YORI DANGO IS THE BEST FOR ME..!! i like the meteor garden but not so much.. i also like the korean version but also not that much..!! i love HYD..!! all the way..!!

  22. inoue mao is the best ^____^

  23. Hello puuriincess……

    Thanks for visiting…and no offense taken… everyone has their own taste. The world would be a terrible place if everyone think and like the exact same thing and then fight each other to death in order to get that same thing or person… 😛

    I actually adore Hye Sun and Hyun Joong 😛 You were right that K-version has become a total different story. It eventually became a let-down for me.

    J-version HYD will always be my timeless classic fave drama. 😀 I even bought all its season DVD for collection but I’m still not so keen to buy for K-version BBF. However, I still liked the K-actors. I suppose I’ve grown to love them and their personality during their appearances in variety shows. 😉


  24. ……………………………boys over flowers#1………………………………………

    …►lee min ho as goo jun pyo
    …►goo hye sun as geum ja di
    …►kim hyun joong as yoon ji hoo
    …►kim bum as so yi jung
    …►kim so eun as chu ga eul
    …►kim joon as song woo bin
    …►lee min jung as ha jae kyung/monkey girl


  25. Bof! Bof! :]

  26. Sana si jae kyeong nlng ang gmnap na jan di!

  27. can we have Choi Si Won from SUper Junior act as Irie Naoki ?
    I think he is most suitable than others. With his gorgeous outlook and his charisma. and he has natural prince aura in him.
    he can acting well. just see his filmography, ever filmed with Andy Lau.

    • Hi siwon lover, though I haven’t seen the movie siwon filmed with andy lau, I’m a fan since Love Letter and other variety shows. His gestures is really adorable, very gentleman with prince-like charm. Plus, he’s physically fit 😉 and outstanding when competiting in Love Letter.. A real man 😉 haha…

  28. no offense.. but for me.. hana yori dango is the best.. the best story.. the best characters.. everything is the best.. i’m watching it several times already and i still enjoy it..!! i just like all of them and the way how they act and play their roles.. since then.. someday i want to go to japan and visit the places where they had their taping..!! hahahah..!! I JUST LOVE HYD ALL THE WAY..!! ^^ I LOVE HYD..!! japanese version is the best..!! ^^

  29. especially hanazawa rui

  30. Aku aebih suka paketnya jun mao dan oguri, penokohannya bagus

  31. BBF coolest

  32. SIWON SIWON CHOI SIWON as Irie Naoki .. It’ll be best.

  33. TBH.. I started to like this storyline coz of 1st version of HYD…
    so METEOR GARDEN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The way Jerry Yan Express his love to San chai is really touching… As if he really love San chai as much …. more than Domyouji or Jun Pyo to MAkino or Jamdi IMO..

  34. off course meteor garden.

    tao ming she and san chai 4ever.

  35. i have not seen the japanese version or the anime but i love all the characters…i think they are all cute and super sexy and pretty

  36. All I know is Oguri Shun is the best Rui :).

  37. I almost watched all of these drama series…
    as well as the anime version….
    based on my opinion, HYD got my top rank…
    because if you watch it…it has the perfect story…
    it also has the perfect chemistry for the lead couples…
    and also a great acts for the actors….
    2nd of my fav is the korean version…
    I would agree that they had the most handsome F4 among the 3 versions….but sorry for the fans of goo hye sun…
    although she was trying to portray her role perfectly…
    she failed because she portray it childishly and so weak…
    but the acts of the actors is somehow okay…
    the last one is meteor garden…
    I honestly become addicted to this drama because it is the first asian drama that ever shown here in the phils.
    …but when they replay it again….
    i find the acts of the actors more corny….
    ….anyway….HYD has the cutest couple…
    …BOF is the perfect F4…
    ….I like Oguri Shin more than kim hyun joong…
    hope you guyz should see the difference….

  38. okeyyyy….
    i like kbs
    couse you’re the best…
    very best

  39. dari 3 cewek d hanadan itu plg canting y barbie hsu donk kalo dari f4 japan taiwan korea paling ganteng itu zzzzzzzzzzzzz akuuuuuuuuu

  40. kalau gue sih inou mao and go hye soon yaaa..
    tapi kalau f4 nya,lebih kerenan f4 korea…
    apalagi lee min hoo…..

  41. i prefer HYD.. but it doesnt mean dat i dont lyk the other 2..its just dat in japan i love the story, the song, the way they portray the characters and the chemistry beteen jun and inoue.. da only thing i dont want in korean version is jandi the way she acts is too much(over acting)..peace!..1.HYD 2.BOF 3.MG! just my own opinion!

  42. i like goo hye sun than others… kf4 is the best!!… lee min hoo is the best than others……… koreanversion is the best for me….so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Aca votaron sólko los coreanos!!!!
    Jamás la version coreana es mejor que la japonesa…JAMAS!!!!!!!

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