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Kim Sung-Soo, former underwear model


I’m sure we know that he is very tall and damn good looking but o’ dear I must say I was shocked to see his half-naked pics.  LOL!! Anyway, most of his pics (with clothes on) have always been hot and he is very good at showing various naughty expression too… Come to think of it, he does not have a bored or tired or being forced kinda look for photograph ne. Anyway, enjoy feasting your eyes on this pic ;P though I prefer him with his clothes on… 😛


5 thoughts on “Kim Sung-Soo, former underwear model

  1. I finished watching “Bad Love’ two days ago.I chose to watch this DVD because I’m impressed of Kwon Sang Woo’s actions.I have never watched Kim Sung Soo before.I prayed not to let him die while I was watching.His coolness,sadness,smiles made me moved.He is the most good looking korean actor which made me busy with Internet.I like his hair style in Bad Love.Its Ok for me with his pictures whether clothes on or without.Wishing u to have lifelong success.

  2. Yes May, Kwon Sang Woo is really good actor and not to mention he looks pretty good flexing his muscles in Bad Love.

    As for Kim Sung Soo, do check out Lawyers though its storyline may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Another drama worth checking out is Full House but he is not the lead actor.

    Wish you lifelong success too 🙂

  3. he is very good looking…

  4. I must agree that he’s really charming and good looking.
    I watched ‘Cruel Love’ last weekend and was really touched by Kim Sung Soo’s role. Despite him being a married man, i really wished In-Jung would be Su Wan coz he really loved her but circumstances forced im to let go of her. He’s so cool, charming and romantic….can’t get enough of him…especially in the scene where he romances In Jung at the Yatch…gosh! it sure does raise ones adrenaline. Well, he looks good in or out of anything…i am not complaining though! Hope to see more of his other works soon.

  5. oh ya, Sue… the yatch 😉 haha… I’ve gotta admit I was rooting for Sung Soo’s character in Bad Love / Cruel Love. When his character Su Wan is getting nowhere, no hope to get back In-Jung’s love, I have lost all the motivation to continue watching the drama. Sigh…. Do check out the Lawyers!!! Please…….

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