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Rough (Hayami & Masami)

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“All great art begins with a rough sketch.”

Eureka!! I found the movie I’ve been looking for a long time! Rough… starring hawt Hayami (or Moco) and really young Masami, really young cos her boobs are not as big as now. :S Anyway,  do watch Rough online over HERE if you’re a fan.. 😉 Perhaps I have had higher expectation, but still love them both…


Storyline summary review by Sanjuro @ HKFilm
Rough may sound like an odd name for a film focusing on the budding romance between a swimmer and a high diver, but this seemingly peculiar title choice does come to make more sense as the story unfolds, most significantly when a supporting character announces, “All great art begins with a rough sketch.” Although this metaphor is meant to describe the various athletes staying together at a coed dormitory for the summer, it comes to have greater meaning for the film’s two lead characters, swimmer Keisuke Yamato (Hayami Mokomichi) and high diver, Ami Ninomiya (Masami Nagasawa). The lanky, handsome, but comically awkward Yamato has great talent, but it still a bit rough around the edges when it comes to actual technique or effort. Ami’s “roughness” is a bit harder to define, as it is much more internal – something that cannot be solved by cutting to a rousing training montage. Read MORE at LoveHKFlim

Rough Movie Trailer


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