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Zettai Kareshi episode 10 + NG Scene


and the clover that Nighto has been holding
in his hand falls away…

Sigh… I’m all choked up. My heart bleeds for Nighto… roboto or not, realistico or not, I want a happy ending for Nighto!!!! and I want Riiko to answer him back that she loves him too… *sniff sniff* Please please please don’t let Nighto die…. nothing should be impossible on TV ne?

Hmmm… I heart Zettai Kareshi more than Last Friends.. Now, let’s mend our sad sad hearts with its NG found at youtube. Hayami is extremely hawt! Love him lots 😉

EDIT on 16th July :- The Finale is so sweet and sad. Is it me and my wishful thinking? Somehow, I feel Nighto is not really dead yet. He is still sleeping, shutting down his own system to prevent a total-burnt or melt-down or else Riiko wouldnt have gotten his message. Crazy me hope for an SP where Namkiri successfully repair Nighto with his memory intact… Sigh! Wishful thinking ne… Can’t still get over that Nighto is……

Zettai Kareshi NG

Favourite scene snapshots

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6 thoughts on “Zettai Kareshi episode 10 + NG Scene

  1. ah tx for the ng i had a good laugh,

  2. Hayami is soo cute in that NG ne? haha

  3. sooo soo hawt, and so very cute when he laughs… *sigh* I need myself a Nighto.

  4. I was crying hard in the last eps.

  5. so sad..but how robot could live happily ever after?the conversation in episode 11 about how happy nighto live and know riiko. thanked her and promise her to love her always even she would become granny later.and riiko would protect him from the heaven when she touchy..i love hayami mokomichi here..the ending is so sad..but realistic:D

  6. I jz finish the whole Zettai Kareshi within six hours n a half!! I really liked the episode 7 and later..coz that is when Riiko started to open up her heart to Nighto..last episode is very sad, though…thnx for the NG!!

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